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  1. S

    Ultimate psychosis

    I would like to describe the realm of my delusion so that maybe others can relate and find some solace that they are not alone. Most of the time I live in normal reality. But there is this strange sensation I get that is the realm of madness. My delusions tell me that this rational world is a...
  2. M

    Has anyone heard of an auditory hallucination that consisted of an entire symphony?

    Has anyone heard of an auditory hallucination that consisted of an entire symphony? This was a while back, and since then I've been searching all over Google for answers but either I couldn't find the right search terms,or there really isn't enough information out there for me to understand...
  3. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Seeing things again.

    Lately since increasing my haldol to 20mgs I have been having more visions than normal. I was relatively stable on 15mg. Yesterday and today I have been "catching trails" off of things like lights and having more wavy visions. Things just look like they're flowing. Certain patterns and trees...
  4. L


    Hi, I'm new here so not sure if I'm posting this on the right place! I have bi polar and I have been on medication for 7 years. I'm very lucky as my meds do seem to work and I'm pretty stable. Or so I thought. I have had a few strange experiences where I see someone I know, maybe crossing the...
  5. naominash

    Sometimes... I miss my visions and other symptoms

    Sometimes, disregarding the stress they put on my family, I really miss my epic visions. They gave life so much meaning. Too much meaning, of course, but when they stopped it took a while for me to find wonder and meaning again. Plus at times I would feel a surge of confidence like I was the...
  6. S

    Talking to visions

    Hi ! Does anybody have any good rules or suggestions for talking to voices and visions ? I've tried all sorts of things like only talking to them at night because I think they're dreams , only talking to them during the day etc etc etc . Any ideas ?
  7. Not_Crazy_Yet

    New meds. Haldol tablets.

    I'm unsure if I like this new med. It seems to help with voices and some visions but gives me prophetic visions. It also seems to make me very paranoid and makes me feel sideways. I also feel afraid and unsure what to do. But maybe I feel so different because I'm getting better ??? Anyone else...
  8. T


    I have a lot of visions. They can involve real people from the real world but also other worldly 'people'. They involve talking with people, touching people, learning new things. I have been thinking about a few visions I had that just involved one person who I had not met before. It...
  9. E

    What Types of Voices Are There?

    There are many kinds of voices this is a list of some that may be common to voice hearers and some that may not be so common. Narrators Narrators state every thought you have either in the first, second or third person viewpoint. For example, they might say "I am typing these words," as I...
  10. I

    Hearing voices:Immortality

    I'm going to be using this forum so that I can speak to others who don't have help with hearing voices and seeing visions. I'm only just realising what a forum is so its going to take some time for me to learn how things work.
  11. cpuusage

    Pushing the boundaries

    Pushing the boundaries: Why didn't I think of this before?  - Exploring meaning in experience I've been working in the mental health sector in both voluntary and paid capacities for around about a decade now, and as many people now know, I have recently made the decision to take the step...
  12. nonotme

    ghosts of years gone past....

    I can't seem to move people from my head, family who have passed away, friends I no longer see, lovers who tunred to haters... all of them there, in my thoughts, my visions and my dreams.. I feel the scream is upon me.
  13. Wolfy

    Struggling with myself.

    Hi all, My first time writing in a forum, so no idea if I'm using it right! I think I need help, But I'm not sure. I'm a 21 year old guy, in a relationship with an amazing guy, who I really love and plan to marry one day. But I suffer from big mood swings, completely out the blue, at least...
  14. Z

    sensitivity violence and horror

    Hello. Not sure if this is in the right forum..when in my 20s I could watch horror movies. Watch anything g with death or scary bits. Now I can't even watch a trailer of a movie. And can't watch any documentary on anything to do with bodies or autopsy. It's really bad that I have to have lights...
  15. C

    City of Glasgow

    Glasgow Time and Space Wellpark-Kirk Haven Business Centre 120 Sydney Street Glasgow Glasgow City G31 1JF Elaine: 07875219668 Lindsey: 07891673485 [email protected] Time and Space is a unique service in Glasgow offering support and information to people who hear voices and people...
  16. E

    Please help me figure out what this is

    I have had some experiences that my therapist classified as a form of disassociation. He told me I am not the only client to have experienced it, so I'm looking for any information on this possible as I've not been able to find any on my own. A few years ago having already suffered from much...
  17. E

    Dont know if this is the right place

    Hi, I just joined. I dont know if it was right as I have been on many sites similar before. But I have been having so much trouble recently. After coming out of hospital two weeks ago, my sleeping tablets were stopped suddenly after 3.5 years, and I didnt know it was possible to be awake for...
  18. Gajolene

    No regret tattoo's developed.

    Something I've never done is get a tattoo, because I have visions of being old and the tat stretching out of shape, losing all it's colour, getting a bad artist, or just regretting it years later. Now two Canadians have developed a two week tattoo that is 100% safe to use. This is something I...
  19. J

    thoughts and visions of murder

    I am so frightened. For the past 2 weeks I have been having very severe thoughts of killing people. I've had visions and almost outer body experiences of me carrying out these horrific crimes. I don't know what to do? It's really hard to cope with.
  20. M

    hearing and seeing voices

    i have been hearing the voices for 3 years and just recently 1 1/2 years been seeing visions i belive the voices and visions are coming from my friend steven i try to talk back to him but he will not stop i dont know what to do i have talked to a doctor and recived medication for it but it still...