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  1. S

    Strange visual phenomenon making life a disaster

    Hi, I am 31 years old and diagnosed schizophrenia with OCD (bipolar too) when 13 years old. I have been 10 or more times in several mental institutions and treated with several medications (Trilafon, Pernazine, Olanzapine, Quetiapine, Clozapine, Lithum, Depakine, Anafranil, Seronil and more)...

    What is your vision of the afterlife?

    Really I love the vision as in the film Nosso Lar - Astral City. I really hope they make a follow up to it. I am on a facebook group and they talk about having sex, eating steak and drinking wine. I replied that it sounds like hell. What are your thoughts?
  3. S

    Im scared I'm going insane?

    I am starting to lose it and have a metal breakdown because I am so over this and scared. I try my best to tell myself its just anxiety but I just can't seem to convince myself because my symptoms are getting worse. All day I have been getting sharp shooting pains in my head which makes me feel...
  4. R

    Mental hospital destroyed my life

    In April 2016, I had a lot of severe bad things happen in my life all simultaneously. I decided to take an antidepressant pill prescribed by the doctor.... And that started a terrible fall. I had been taking St Johns wort. I read the label and it said don't take together so I waited a few...
  5. Iamsoconfused

    I'm feeling paranoid.

    I keep getting weird vibes like scared someone is trying to rob me and acting like they're going to do it, I got scared walking to my car. The other day I was feeling like someone was going to vandalize or break into my car and I couldn't stop watching him. It freaks me out and it's hard to...
  6. cpuusage

    The Modern-Day Shamans Approach to Wellness

    - The Modern-Day Shaman's Approach to Wellness - Energy Medicine Author: Dr. Alberto Villoldo "In the West we have a disease-care system, and medicine recognizes thousands of ailments and myriad remedies. The shamans of old, on the other hand, discovered One Spirit Medicine – a health-care...
  7. O

    The Enjoyment from Having Scgizophrenia

    Red lettering today. List of things I love about being crazy. My crazy powers increase my mind to create things others don't think of like submersible (submarine) races in GTA 5. When I look at my wife who is 20 years older my madness loves her so much I see here as my own age but photos...
  8. H

    Anxiety and vision problem

    I am 24 year sold and I have suffered from anxiety since I was 19. I often fear about some facts (last year I was really frightened of death). If my stomach or head just get pain means I thought I was going to die. About four months ago my vision decreased( I spend a lot of time on the computer...
  9. cpuusage

    Reflections on a Pathologized Adolescence and a Vision For The Future

    Reflections on a Pathologized Adolescence and a Vision For The Future | Mad In America
  10. DoctorCitrus

    Certain notes trigger a feeling/memory that is indescribable with English vocabulary, need help interpreting it

    Certain notes trigger a feeling/memory that is indescribable with English vocabulary, need help interpreting it This is the first time I have ever come out publicly about this, but the feeling is unbearable, and I feel like I need some kind of help from other people with this, and I prefer the...
  11. P

    Severe vision issues... Anxiety ?

    Dear all, I am new to here but have been suffering from anxiety for four years. I had all the usual symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue, having the runs, feeling lightheaded and racing thoughts. However I was over prescribed Diazepam 15mg last year, and took it for 9 months altogether...
  12. A

    do u put on weight with (abilify), aripiprazole

    I tried (abilify) aripiprazole, a couple of months ago, I began to feel dizzy, i had blurred vision, i also kept having horrible thoughts, but does it cause weight gain.
  13. C


    My vision has been really strange the last week or so, blurry and almost watery, not sure whether it's accountable to venlafaxine which I've been on for about 6 weeks, has anybody else had similar experience or am I just getting old...
  14. Hannah89

    does anyone here have this?

    DOes anyone here have vision disturbances with their anxiety? My eyes have been checked and they are healthy but sometimes I get blurry or shaky vision, is it common with anxiety? Coz its sure as hell making me anxious!
  15. Hannah89

    shaky vision

    Is shaky vision and headaches normal with anxiety? I've had bloods done and eye tests and all's fine plus really lethargic and eye pains think I strain them though
  16. Parayana

    Blurred Vision/Visual distortions on Olanzapene

    Hello folks, I am currently prescribed Olanzapene 15 mg. I have at intermittent intervals experienced blurred vision and mild visual hallucinations of fractal type patterns running in a line accross my vision which pass after about 20 to 30 minutes. I experienced this once many years ago the...
  17. R

    i see numbers and letters

    For some reason i see numbers and letters. They are just there in my vision. Its really hard to explain but whats so different about them is that they have personalities. They dont talk or anything but i can tell that they r mean, nice, or whatever. i need advice because the overall problem is...
  18. megirl

    Stuffed up and lied major time

    Last Wednesday night got angry again with hubby. My meds are now blister packed which is good. Well dont know why I got angry then said 'I may as well kill myself' He replied by saying 'well go kill yourself then' So anyway took a shitload of pills in front of him half expecting him to tell me...
  19. A

    Creating Connections through Dialogue

    Diverse speakers and thinkers share about the harmful effects of psychiatric labels and indiscriminate medication; the importance of person-centered, holistic approaches to mental health and well-being; and a vision of a more compassionate, connected society. The conference was held in Beverly...
  20. The_Cigarette_Monster

    Nasty horrible side effects from Lamotrigine :(

    my visions like completely changed since ive been put back on lamotrigine. got to talk in bullets cos my mind is misbehaving... -Just been started on lamotriginefor epilepsy(only on 25mg at the mo) -Vision changes only since Ive been started on it -Vision changes are not on the side effects...