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  1. J

    YouTube Video on Social Anxiety

    Hi all, As someone who suffered from social anxiety for years, I was recently talking to a sufferer. I suggested exploring resources online, and I went onto YouTube to see what videos were available. Unfortunately I thought virtually everything was pretty rubbish. Just mainly young people...
  2. F

    What does anxiety feel like?

    I have struggled with anxiety for a lot of years and it's awful. And i think the worst part of it is to try to explain to people what i feels like..I would describe it as drowning inside and out, it so much more awful then people think. How would you describe it?
  3. boudreauj4

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Schizophrenia Video Series

    http://schizophrenia.com/?p=632 This is an online video series of CBT for schizophrenia. The sound quality isn't very good though.
  4. U

    I don't know why I'm so nervous but-

    Hi :P It's midnight and I'm writing an introduction. Probably not the best idea but here goes :dance: 21 years old, been in therapy 10 years for anxiety, depression and PTSD, tried everything there is to try and lost all my friends gradually as their lives have moved on and mine hasn't. Never...
  5. C

    Kind of a positive thread tonight!

    I don't have anything negative to report right now lol. I am editing the captions to the video I just recorded last night (Little Inferno) and I am finding this even more annoying than editing my video! Ahhh! I am going absolutely crazy (so to speak) doing this tedious work, but I am so glad to...
  6. EmptyIInside

    The Four Subtypes Video

    Which are you? I overlap with Petulant and Impulsive.
  7. Deadheading

    Video: Borderline Personality: Loved Ones - You Can't Rescue Them

    YouTube I thought this was a good video, although I strongly disagree with the point of people who leave BPD patients should leave and be OK with it. Listening to her talk helped me realize what my abandonment issue is, and who it was. She's going to pay for it by spending the rest of her...
  8. antimatterTek

    Feeling Invisible

    I have recently dropped one of my radio shows (i still have a night) and quit another station with an Irish Goodbye. I am not getting any responses from a couple of new radio stations I was supposed to be talking about getting a spot on. I have a radio show I prerecord a mix for too. I have a...
  9. Deadheading

    Video I found about BPD rage

    I couldn't finish watching it. I was getting angry and I wished I was in the room with her to tell her off. And yes, I am always right. YouTube
  10. C

    Video: What Is Psychosis?

    i found this video on youtube. There are some nice ways of thinking about psychosis in it I think. "psychosis is a need to grow"
  11. M

    ASMR videos for relaxation/sleep!

    Hey guys, I don't know if you've ever heard of ASMR, but here is the link for further information if you wish to read about it in detail: Autonomous sensory meridian response - Wikipedia Basically, specific sounds you hear may trigger some "tingles" in the brain and it should feel nice and...
  12. R

    Preparing for my fate...

    I've been subconsciously acting in a particular way for some time now... Saving money to leave to my family, avoiding any kind of interaction with the opposite sex for fear of 'liking them', and selling my possessions regardless of whether I need them or not. I also upload videos of myself to...
  13. valleygirl

    Stupid Me

    I spent the whole day watching ED videos on Youtube today. I was going to listen to relaxing music on Youtube and read Harry Potter, but I got sidetracked and seduced into the ED videos instead. Ate pancakes with honey for breakfast and then nothing else all day. I don't know what you'd call...
  14. D

    Help... Can't live with this...

    Sorry for my bad english. I am a 23 year old boy who have had suicidal thoughts for about 6 months now. I have always had low self esteem, but it have just gotten worse and worse the last couple of years, because of some bad choices i have made. It started 3-4 years ago where i would go on...
  15. I

    I interviewed 2 more young people with PSSD

    PSSD is permanent sexual dysfunction resulting from treatment with psychiatric drugs. Please take the time to listen and share these young peoples stories. Maybe there will be a cure one day, but there is a hush mentality within the mental health industry. With Dan 22 from England Article...
  16. L

    Video Games + Online Socializing

    Well, I've had schizoaffective symptoms for 9 years, and video games has always been my main coping mechanism. I found distracting myself in this way and also focusing my energies on humor help immensely. I've been in a very dark place recently, and this forum helped me a lot. I found that...
  17. Goldiron

    A video game about schizophrena

    There is a video game about schizophrenia. Its called Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. The protagonist suffers from schizophrenia. Here is the link to the game Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice - Wikipedia Link to the website http://www.hellblade.com/ What do you guys think about it?
  18. Kerome

    Early Intervention Service and Psychosis video

    I came across this online, it's a video made about the Early Intervention Service and how people who experience psychosis interact with it.
  19. J

    Living with health anxiety

    So I have had Health Anxiety for the last 3-4 months that was triggered by a single symptom where i would get a pain in the back of my head when i would lean over or cough - this then followed on by loads of other smyptons. [moderated] If any one else has any simlar experiences to me could you...
  20. P

    I Have The Cure For Depression-just go nuts!

    I have spent many years of my life in mental institutions in three different countries (africa,Ireland and england), and through intense observation I have discovered the cure for depression-just go crazy! Simples... The key is to go outside in the street by yourself with no friends and...