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  1. E

    Stuck in a nightmare

    I am having such a difficult time in my life. I have been battling depression for as long as I can remember. I have always played the role of the one who is "happy and has it together". Which is such a lie. I attempted suicide last year and was placed on cymbalta. I have horrible coping skills...
  2. M

    Feel so sick. Need reassurance.

    Im 6 weeks pregnant and I am up early feeling really nauseous. It sets off my anxiety and it then becomes a vicious circle. Does anyone else experience anxiety with pregnancy and can't tell between morning sickness and anxiety sickness?
  3. W

    Pip assessment tunbridge wells

    I have a PIP assessment at tunbridge wells, really worried about what will happen, since being diagnosed with Parkinson's in January my depression has gone into overdrive, the stress causes more Parkinson's symptoms a vicious circle which is not letting up. I still work but can no longer cope...
  4. Beergardenweather

    Will i ever feel like an adult ?

    So I've had a full time well paid job for the last 12 years. I've lived on my own for the best part of 10. I haven't had much help . So why do I still not feel like an adult? I've just had an offer accepted on house. It was terrifying, I felt like it was something only normal grown up ppl...
  5. E

    I'm angry that they're making me worse

    For over a year now I've been trying to get my ESA back, this stressful process is making me worse & I'm very cross about this, how dare they do this to me. As well as feeling awful mentally, I've been having pains in my chest which I assume are panic attacks. My sleep is disturbed more than...
  6. ScaredCat

    PRN medication for anxiety

    Are there meds you can take just when anxiety is too much for you to cope with and if so what are they. I take Pregabalin already but at the moment am really struggling and is not about anything specific , is just there, then I get overtired, then I can't sleep, and so it continues, a vicious circle
  7. J

    Diagnosed With Severe Depression..

    Hi all.. I've been feeling down and low for a few months now, constant self esteem issues, thoughts of not being worth anyone's time, feeling I was a failure, always sad, lack of motivation, no interest in the things I used to enjoy. Being a male I thought i'd suck it up and keep going...
  8. Run Like Hell

    My So Called Life

    I'm sat here alone on Xmas evening, one of the grimmest evenings of the year. I've got a bag of presents off various people, not opened any of them just don't care. I won't bore you with the details but I'm just totally screwed up, probably a misfit and can only cope with life by hiding away...
  9. Foxjo

    hey how you doing?

    Hi my name is Fox I've been gone about a year. Im Back In re-lapse city central. depression edging onto bi-polar (pdoc not sure whether to make the call on that label yet) hyper, can do anything at all, nothing is impossible then bang crash and burn, crash and burn. Feel lost, alone, unsure...
  10. L


    I'm so trapped in this vicious cycle of recovery and relapse. I am struggling so much. I am triggered so easily and it makes me regret recovering. I don't know what I want any more. I'm going to uni on the 27th and a part of me feels this is so good because I will be without supervision and I...
  11. B


    Ive been living at home a year now. I moved back home after finishing uni-i couldnt afford to stay where i was. I live with my mum and dad and brother (he's just moved back hme) my dad is away during the week so often its just me and my mum and now my brother too. I just hate it, i don't pay...
  12. J

    im not sure

    im not quite sure how to do this kind of thing, so this could get embarrassing! i just want to say that i survived today. and im not sure if im proud of myself or dreading tomorrow. i feel very week and taken over by guilt for having them thoughts in the first place. and then the vicious circle...
  13. frustratedlady


    So I seem to have spent most of my weekend sleeping!!....I think this is purely because a) If I am awake all I do is eat (all the wrong things!!) and b) If I am asleep I dont feel depressed/anxious/low/sucidal....Not sure how to get out of this vicious circle!!.....anyone have any good ideas?

    Vicious Voices

    If what the voices were telling me was true, I would really want to end it. They are extremely cruel and vicious. I do also sometimes find it difficult to tell if they are real or not. It makes me angry, because my enemy remains hidden, yet is able to harm me in this way. If you can relate...
  15. I

    my anxiety

    bouts of paranoia make me anxious about the next bout of paranoia which means i'm always scared vicious circle now
  16. F

    Vicious circle

    For me social interaction difficulties exacerbate my social anxiety which in turn exacerbates my social interaction difficulties.
  17. jacq78

    vicious circle

    Dear members it wasn't long ago I was on here discussing how depressed and suicidal I felt approx 3 weeks ago,well yet again its returned with 2 manic episodes in between that time. Its like a bloody vicious circle with me,severe depression followed by a manic episode then a couple of ok days...