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  1. C

    What’s a good alternative to self harm?

    Hi I’m very new to this forum. And like I really need to vent. I recently just relapsed back into self harm. Like I’m worried that I’m back in this mental state and like, I almost don’t remember why I did it. I felt had to bc the world is against me. It’s legitimately how I feel. People always...
  2. R

    Contamination OCD?

    Hi so I’m new to this. I just wanted to know if this would be considered contamination OCD and basically just vent out my problems. This is extremely long though so good luck.... I got carried away and I’ve read it a million times because I’m really nervous to post this for some reason but ...
  3. B

    An update. I may not do it.... Just yet...

    Hello people. I'm the one who posted my "last post" a question about a method of suicide. Want to tell my situation. First Im the type that prefer to make multiple girls happy/smile, act like childlike with some kinky fetish talks, than having "serious" one on one relationship, If I have a...
  4. qwerty1234

    Standing up to bullies

    I have extremely negative experiences with negative support and invalidation when I work with aggressive, nasty people ... people act like I shouldn't be scared, or not to be upset. I hate it. I have gotten more support lately, and have learned how to stand on my own, but I come here to vent...
  5. Mr.NiceGuy

    analyzing emotions from words and wizzadry

    the time it takes for the emotions of the words of thought or speech to dissolve is important to tailbone wizardry. Short of biofeedback from your tail, analyzing different emotions during the pauses for words to settle will lead you to controlling volume and precision of making voices or clicks...
  6. S


    Hi, I'm new to this, and this is the first time I'm openly admitting to anyone (computer or not) that I'm probably not 100% with my mental health. I'm the typical person of overcompensating with my happiness and always come across as funny and the life of the party, but I struggle with being...
  7. D

    No one to vent or talk to

    Stressed and angry and very upset. Not sure why I just get this way and can’t seem to get out of my head. Want to fight with someone and cry. Can’t sleep either because I’m so angry, every little thing is getting on my nerves. Just wanted to vent here as I have no where else to do it and no one...
  8. S


    i am new here, came looking for advice with regard to depression and relationships and have put up a post in the relationships area so hopefully i will get some good advice or maybe even just find like minded people i can vent to once in a while.
  9. spoon-racoon

    meds adjustments are hell

    I'm going off an antidepressant and on a mood stabilizer at the same time and the withdrawals from the Lexapro are really scaring me. like the physical symptoms suck of course but I've been having rapid mood swings too so I'll get really pissed at nothing or I'll just cry for no reason. I've...
  10. K

    Worried about the future

    Hi all just wanted to vent I recently (a few days ago) dislocated my shoulder while at the gym I went E & A immediately and got it popped back in and soon as I got home I did the worst thing and googled shoulder dislocations now I am panicking because I learned that I have a 70% chance of it...
  11. C

    My delusions

    I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia. I'm embarrassed to tell friends and family what I'm going through. I think people can read my mind. Also I think I'm in a different place than I used to be like there are multiples of my town. Just looking to vent.
  12. S

    I don't know what to do

    I'm recently diagnosed schizoaffective bipolar type and just come out of a manic phase into a depressive one. I feel so alone, I had an appointment with a psychiatrist on Thursday and from what I can gather she thinks I'm fine. I'm currently locked away in my room because my family don't...
  13. M

    I lost all my friends

    I just needed a place to vent because I can’t vent to anyone because I don’t trust anyone no more.. anyways I’ll start this from the beginning, I started my sophomore year a couple of months ago and this was supposed to be my year but if anything, it’s turned out the complete opposite. Im a...
  14. B

    it feels like i never been stop crying heavily since 2010...

    so.. whenever my depression surfaces again i feel(and it makes me think) like i never been stop crying, that i continuous crying since 2010, the year when my depression starts to take effect, even though im not actually crying. sorry for this thread, i just want to vent my feelings. is there any...
  15. letmein

    not good

    am in a bad place today, mood is low and thoughts of hurting myself an dothes are ripe. not going to act on these just need to vent them out. i am in hell and no one can see it.
  16. D

    "Well why don't you just stop?"

    I have heard the words "why don't you just stop" from the two people in this world who I reached out to about my self-harm. One is my mom. Once she found out I was doing it she just told me "you need to stop there's no reason for you to be doing this", discussed me going to a therapist, and then...
  17. S

    Need to Vent

    I have a sister with mental health issues and its gotten to the point where I cant even properly identify exactly what they are as she has cited different ones over the years that her treaters say she 'may' have ,or 'might' be. She has been supported by myself and previously my mother,now...
  18. I

    How are you feeling?

    Hi everyone. How are you feeling? Please do share and vent. Even cry if you need to. You have all my support! :grouphug:
  19. R

    Introduction and vent.

    Hey all. I don't know where to really start, I am primarily just looking to vent, and I feel I might cope better if I vent into the ether of the web, rather than write it down on paper. I feel like this is going to be a long post, I apologise if you read in advance, like I say, I'm mainly using...
  20. S

    When you feel like a nobody

    Finding it hard feeling like a person. Feel like something that's just wandering round for no reason. Don't know who I am or what I want..don't really relate to anyone or have anyone to talk to. Don't want to bore them anyway. But it would be nice for someone to ask how I am now and then...