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  1. T

    Can someone help me please. ??

    Hello. I was prescribed venaflaxine from a pychiastrist. (Sorry for my spelling) I was given 75mg dose and was told to take it once a day. The first night I took it I was feeling sick and restless, the next day I felt like a zombie. I was tired had no attention span. I rang my GP and he advised...
  2. L

    Been to the doctors....

    and a mix bag from her, got the feeling she thought i was questioning her judgement, I wasnt just had lots of questions maybe doctors dont like paitents that ask questions :unsure: Anyway i have been put on venaflaxine again starting on 37.5mg and told about counselling near to my home so will...
  3. B

    Withdrawal/side effects of venaflaxine

    I am in my 4th day of withdrawing from venaflaxine! I have been on either Prozac or Effexor (venaflaxine ) for 10 plus years. I feel awful. My brain has these "tremors" that are terrible. I am not sleeping well either. My question to someone is HOW LONG DOES THIS LAST? I have been taking...
  4. B

    does any one know.... (?parkinsonism?)

    hello i am new here, and i was wondering if anyone on here can help me?:confused: my father is on a lot of medication for various things, he had a heart attack in december, and has had two nervous break downs in the last 4 years. recently my mum and i have noticed his movments are very...
  5. C


    has anyone tried the above not sure if i spelt it right?? doc now prescribed valium so gona try that until see pysch im running out of meds anything ending in a LYNE makes me ill so do ssri am i beyond help. someone please help.xx hope u are all well