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  1. T

    Is Conversion Disorder a non-falsifiable theory?

    I have a list of debilitating and painful symptoms that have come on progressively over more than 30 years. Between them I would say they have ruined my life, as each form of purpose and pleasure I could get from life has been progressively wrecked by them. Career, any hope of a love-life, and...
  2. redone

    Is this valid?

    Hi guys I went for a general diagnostic assessment with a Psychiatrist with 40+ years experience. They diagnosed a number of things and told me I'm also on the mild end of the autistic spectrum. Can a psychiatrist diagnose someone with ASD without actually doing a autism specific assessment...
  3. ABsea

    insanely paranoid. again.

    Is it anxiety? Bipolar? Insanity? Where do these bouts of paranoia come from? At least im sane enough (for now) to recognize it as paranoia. Sometimes i dont. Sometimes it gets so strong that i am convinced everyone is against me. In what way? In anyway that could hurt me emotionally. Not so...
  4. Dovahkiin

    I'll post here

    I'll post here, but not on SANE. I do not appreciate being bullied on there when I have been there for years for making one valid comment..
  5. B

    esa appeal won - what happens now ?

    I wn an ESA appeal 2 weeks ago. I originally applied for it a year ago but atos disagreed. Have been on. JSA since. My advisor at the job centre is relunctant to have been off JSA and said that a sick note I have from GP is not valid if I want to claim ESA. The sick note is valid for 2 months...
  6. E

    What is it with counsellors

    So I have been to three different counsellors so far in he last two weeks. These were all the free initial session to see if I like the counsellors, feel comfortable with them and so on. Two were men and one was a female. They were all spouting this "person centred humanistic" stuff and...
  7. M

    is this paranoia?

    Ever since I can remember I had an intense feeling of being watched/stalked, like someone was going to snatch me up. When I was a kid this fear was valid. About a year ago it was valid because I was stalked for 6 months. Now however, I live in another state and I'm so scared in my own apartment...
  8. A

    cpn appointment

    I've got a app this morning with the cpn, I always worry about these appointments because I don't think she fully understands me. Last week my pdoc told me to google personality disorders and mood disorders. I did and I didn't think there was that much difference between the 2 to be honest...
  9. F

    Antidepressants on Trial: How Valid is the Evidence?