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  1. N

    How much do I tell them?

    I was just referred to a mental health clinic, going in to see them in a few weeks, and I have no idea how much I can safely tell them, and still get the help I need. I have a 15 month old daughter at home, and if she got taken away that'd be it for me. She's the only reason I'm fighting all...
  2. diamondshine

    fighting the urges

    it's been quite a long while since i've harmed but things have started going wrong recently. I really really don't want to go back to it (the scars on my stomach are finally starting to fade) but have had really strong urges recently. Sometimes if I take a diazepam it can help stave things off...
  3. D

    Trying to stop (SH)

    need to SH again but i cant i need to i want to i dont know what to do to stop these urges.... i have tried a few things but its just not the same! has anyone got any ideas?
  4. A

    meds seem to be working...

    Bit of a surprise, I was very sceptical but I think the risperidone is actually working...been feeling really good the last few days, hardly any sh urges and the paranoia is pretty much gone. Did not see that coming :D
  5. gemma

    i dont know to cope

    hi it s been a while since harmed but tonight im really low my urges to harm are going up and im trying not to give in
  6. A


    Hi all Hope you all are well. So.......i was going to start taking my meds again today but when i looked at them something didn't seem right. I then realise that the meds are wrong and i've been given something called requip ropinirole (used for parkinsons). I am soooooo glad i read the leaflet...
  7. W

    dangerous impulses

    I'm starting to worry myself as I'm getting bad urges to do dangerous things. For example, if I'm driving on a motorway, I get the urge to swerve violently across lanes. I really can't help them. It mainly happens at night so I thought maybe it was something to do with my eyesight, I got glasses...
  8. F

    Stephen Fry urges help for bipolar gene study

  9. J

    no beds in ward sorry ....

    im waiting for my crisis team to come at 2pm , they rang and i told them i have un controllable urges to hurt my self, she said i need to go for a walk till they come, i really r=feel bad, yesterday i even looked at funeral plans as if i cant stop this i will end it, i have bi polar one and at...