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  1. Sparklypurplepaws

    I should be happy damn it!

    I'm feeling really flat today, and having urges this afternoon. 'My life' is going well, I've just had an offer accepted on a new house, sold my car, researching new cars ready for the weekend, pip assessment went well, my children are healthy and happy. I have it all but yet I can't lift my...
  2. Sparklypurplepaws

    I just can't cope with my life

    Okay, so it's no surprise to most of you that I've been really struggling these last few weeks - my symptoms are getting weirder and more prevelent. I've tried twice now to go off on a break from things to try and help - mostly to try and keep me out of hospital. Whilst I'm away I'm pretty...
  3. P

    Urges when doing a simple job

    I'm just broken..... Preparing chicken to cook for my niece and it's just too hard not too
  4. worrymuffin

    i cant do this

    I need to self harm. I have had urges and thoughts for over a week. But today, right now i need to.
  5. Sparklypurplepaws

    what is wrong with me? why am I so weak?

    I just can't resist the sh urges, they're driving me slightly doolally. Why am I so weak, why do I just give in to my own urges but can dish out 'good' advice to others? I must, deep down want to do it to myself, and what does that make me hey? Some sick twisted individual that wants to inflict...
  6. Sparklypurplepaws

    what can I do?

    I just give in every time, why can't I resist these urges, it's like an addiction and I just keep coming back for more and more
  7. Grape

    how do you cope with suicidal thoughts

    I have them much of the time. Have urges to overdose or self harm. How do you cope with them?
  8. R


    Am Rosie 28 need some advice about fighting urges to self harm :(
  9. Lincoln1990

    Having urges

    I'm having urges to self harm. I really need to do it. I'm sorry I'm whining again.
  10. K

    strong urges

    I havent self harmed in about nearly 2 years.ive recently changed medications and i am getting strong urges to self harm.i wont tell you what thoughts i am getting because i dont want to trigger anyone but lets just say they are strong.ive spoken to my cpn and she basically told me to use...
  11. mami5

    Strong urges

    I keep getting these very strong urges to do something bad and very painful to myself. Becoming hard to ignore them.
  12. Hayyyleyyy

    Intrusive thoughts

    I keep having a really random intrusive thought; don't know if I can say it here or if it is going to much into detail. It's not so much a suicidal thought as I don't want to do it to kill myself.. its just a damn stupid idea. I have urges to run away all the time and do stupid things.. I...
  13. T

    Sadistic sexuality *Trigger Warning*

    Not really sure where to post this...First, let me say thank you for taking the time. I have been having a hard time finding help with this "issue", as I don't have access to professional help ( I cant afford it). I am 18 years old, have never been abused; far as I can tell, and had a fairly...
  14. tigerfish

    what is stopping me??

    The thoughts and urges to have a bad session of S/H are very, very strong!! I have built up a stock of stuff and am ready to go!! What is stopping me?? I don't totally get this!! I am not scared of dying!! it's too late to be worrying about scars!! I have everything I need!! I suppose it's...
  15. M

    New here and struggling with Binges

    Hi all just wondered if anyone could help me recover from this nasty ' Night time Binge' episode. Every night at 11:00pm, hungry or not I get urges for Cereal (shredded wheat or porridge) if that's not around I'll go for biscuits or chocolate. I have total control throughout the day and get...
  16. mygirl1uk

    struggling really bad urges today

    I am really having bad urges today, as the days gone on they are getting stronger. Just don't know what to do ??
  17. Symbionic

    feeling really low

    :( I'm feeling really low today, urges are at an all time high. Help :(
  18. SomersetScorpio

    Urges.. breathe.. resist..

    I'm really struggling with urges. Got them last night, and the same thing's happening now. I've not had urges like this for a long time. The last time I gave into them was January, so it's nearly been a year. And previous to January, it had been another year since I gave in. One time in two...
  19. KatyStrawberry

    Unusual urges?

    I was just wondering if anyone else has been through something like this? My depression is worse than it has been for a long time and I'm finding that I'm getting some really strong urges to do things. For example I was out shopping the other day and I just kept thinking to myself "it would be...
  20. SomersetScorpio

    *May Trigger* Urges.. urges.. ARGH!!

    Over the last 2 years i've SHed only once (back in January), which i'm sure you can appreciate is pretty good going. But i've got the urge now, to really do it, I think i'm going to. Suddenly it's all got too much. It's all I can think about. It won't be the end of the world if I do, I know...