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  1. A

    Got very strong urges

    It's been a little while, but my urges to self harm are getting stronger and stronger. I am not sure if I want to stand up to them. If my therapist was available I would speak to him, but sadly he's not. The one good thing is I've only just started to work with him and I feel able to approach...
  2. A

    I am evil

    I saw my CPN today but didn't tell him I'm evil as I wasn't feeling that way when I saw him. However since then, my thoughts have been snowballing and I am now convinced I am evil, and I'm scared to go out in case I hurt anyone. We had talked about how I don't like going out in case I do get...
  3. A

    I can't cope

    I just found out my friend whom I used to live with has died. I'm not sure how it works/why, but I'm having really strong urges to join her. I am very angry that I can't just go ahead and join her. People would say it's selfish. I don't know what to say. I'm trying to stand up to my urges...
  4. A

    I don't want to live anymore

    Life is too painful. I can't keep going. I've been texting the Samaritans which has helped alleviate some of my distress. I still have the urges to harm others which I've been having. Because of those urges I believe I don't deserve to live any more. I have come to the conclusion that I'm...
  5. A

    Please can someone help me?

    I'm really struggling. I'm getting really bad urges. I can't say what they are but they feel very overpowering, both against myself and others. I can't see my children on my own now. I don't know how to move forward from here, without carrying out my urges. I feel hopeless. Please can...
  6. A

    He used to be my carer

    My hubby used to be my carer. But that was the past. I can't live at home any more. But my CPN wants me to tell hubby about urges I'm having, I guess because we have children together, and I don't want to. What would you do?
  7. A

    Feeling desperate and don't know what to do

    Am so sorry that it's me again. I had a call from my CPN today. I'm separated from my husband, who looks after the children whilst I'm where I am. I told my CPN about my urges to harm/stab adults, and that it's not around children (this time). Well, like I said, my CPN called me today and...
  8. A

    After nearly 4 years

    I've been struggling with urges to harm myself and others (please don't judge me). I couldn't stay strong any longer. I had to choose between harming myself or others, and chose to harm myself. It wasn't an easy decision as I'd been self-harm free for 4 years next month. Now that I've done...
  9. A

    How do I do this?

    I've been suicidal for the past week or so. Spoke to my care team yesterday and made a plan of action to try and turn things around. It sounds obvious, but included eat, drink, shower, walk, and do something I enjoy. If my urges to commit suicide got stronger I said I would go and seek staff...
  10. blurrypeach

    Telling my T abt violent urges

    One day - last week I think, or maybe this week - I was close to ripping my hair off and breaking my phone with my own hands, in order to avoid hitting someone. When I calmed down, worried, I asked someone if I should tell my T about violent urges I experience; they said I should be careful, it...
  11. B


    hi i want to ask for myself how do urges for harm yourself feel like i always imagine harming myself and so on just want to clear that do i have urges or are they just thought because of my anxiety thanks
  12. mami5

    need help!

    Feel so suicidal tonight not sure i'll get through the night fighting urgs after urges to do something to myself I need help but there's nobody have been told that no one can help me anymore.
  13. Cazcat

    Urges getting more and more insistant.

    Hi, Sorry this might be long, never really talked about this before. In my teenage years I hated myself and used to self harm, never anything too serious and rarely enough to break the skin. This settled whilst I was at uni and although I did experience depression and feel suicidal I dont...
  14. A

    Is This a Form of OCD? Or Something Else?

    So for the past year or so, I've been having some problems with a couple things. The first one I don't really know how to explain, but whenever I touch anything I have to touch the same part on the other side of my body with the same pressure. For example, if I pick up a cup with my right hand...
  15. P

    having urges to SH for no reason?

    Hello everyone, I am feeling calm but yet feel like i need to sh. i don't get it.. it is horrible... its like its always on my mind. is this normal?
  16. sahasrara

    slowly drifting down into the darkness

    I'm slowly unravelling, came off my pills (citalopram) a few months ago, it was good, I felt alive again and not a numb block. But now I'm going back to the real me, the intrusive thoughts, the suicidal urges, sh urges, starting to loose interest, the manic ups, the overpowering feelings and...
  17. R

    Self harm urges, help me !

    Don't know what to do, I can't control these urges - tried the usual, ice cubes, elastic bands. Feel like I'm being made to hurt myself, can barely catch a breath this is so painful aaaah I'm sick of this. Too scared to phone Cmht as want to be at home
  18. Sparklypurplepaws

    no release or break from the urges

    Normally when I s/h there's a release and a break from the mental torture of the urges, but this time I've had none! I feel cheated, where's my release, my break?
  19. Sparklypurplepaws

    strong urges

    I'm just going about my business and bam I have these really strong urges. I'm trying my hardest to distract, ground and generally cope but nothing seems to be working. It's been about a month since I last s/h'd. I don't want to give in but I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle
  20. mami5

    Can't stop

    Self harming now more or less on a daily basis. Just can't stop. Holding on now until kids go to bed then I'll be free to do it again. Urges so strong.