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  1. J

    Trying not to throw two years down the drain

    Ive been clean for two years this time. I started harming when i was 12 and didnt try to stop until i was 16. It was off and on after that but it was never really that serious until my first major relapse. Since then every time i fall back into the pit its harder to climb back out. Im 23 now...
  2. B

    Wanting to self harm

    Haven't self harmed for years but a recent operation I had "down below"has caused lots of childhood stuff to resurface. Really don't know how to fight these urges right now. Really worried
  3. A

    I am really frightened

    Like I've said recently, I've been struggling with suicidal urges. I've noticed that I'm becoming increasingly frightened by thoughts and images. I've phoned helplines for support, and I am doing my best to manage, but it's really hard to keep going. I'm going to have a bath now, and maybe try...
  4. soulsearcher

    getting strong urges to self harm

    hey peeps im getting strong urges to self harm, my mrs has hidden everything but i feel like going to the shop to get some :low: i just feel like i need some release :low:
  5. A


    Urges really bad at the moment. Not sure I can make it through. xxxx
  6. H

    Help, what can I do to stop these self harm urges when I’m on my own?

    I need help. I’m seeing a counsellor and trying things to help my PTSD/Anxiety and Depression. Things hit a climax this week and I’ve self harmed 5 times tonight. I need help. What can I do to stop these urges when I’m on my own? I can’t rationalise or see timings till my next counselling...
  7. A

    Feeling low and depressed

    I've just come back from a holiday with family. Now back in my own supported flat. I am feeling really low and depressed and missing my family. Life feels so cruel. I ended up sleeping Monday afternoon through to Tuesday morning, which meant I missed one day's medication (for which I feel...
  8. soulsearcher

    i get these strong urges, is it because of bpd?

    hey peeps so im married, been married for 12 years, like anything in life ive had ups and downs in my marriage but i keep getting these urges to f*ck about and mess around with other women then at other times i i think no i shouldnt then i get the urges agin its like theres a light and dark side...
  9. T

    Break down

    I just feel so frustrated now I don't feel like my usual self the person I was before these thoughts I want to go back to that me not this me. Am I focusing on these thoughts to much is that why I feel sad and scared I tell my mum she says there just thoughts and not me i mean it's not logical...
  10. A

    OH s**t

    Oh s**t. Had a good day, but now really struggling. Can't say how, but it's enough to say I'm starting to become unsafe. I spoke to one of the support workers. Told him I had a good day, but my awareness that because of that I can get urges to harm myself because I feel guilty. I'm not sure...
  11. A

    Lonely and suicidal

    I'm feeling very lonely. I'm feeling like self harm and other 'behaviours' are my friend. No matter what's going on for me, I can't get rid of my urges to take my life. I feel like saying stuff it and follow my suicidal urges.
  12. J


    I need help I have so many urges and I'm in the process of therapy ride away plz
  13. A


    What can I say? Can't speak to people in supported housing as they currently busy. Said to phone back later. Just spoke to Samaritans but what can they say? What can anyone say? I am having really strong urges. I am very scared. I don't know what to do. ps. sorry, I realised someone else...
  14. A

    Finally plucked up the courage to phone Samaritans

    I've been feeling suicidal with strong urges. Finally plucked up the courage to phone Samaritans (I usually text). The lady I spoke to was lovely. We were on the phone for nearly an hour. I still have urges but have come up with a plan of what I'm going to do to stay safe. Dare I say, I'm...
  15. R

    Murderous thoughts and urges

    I have these strange thoughts and really strong urges to kill everyone around me even if im not mad or sad I just feel the urges. Sometimes they go away for weeks and or months and return harder to fight off then last time. I fear that one day they will become to strong to fight off.
  16. A

    There's a light around the corner

    After a couple of weeks of being actively suicidal, it is now gradually subsiding. I still have the urges, but the emotions aren't so intense. They eventually burn themselves out. I wouldn't have believed it could pass a week ago, but like my therapist told me today, there's always a light...
  17. W

    Emotional disconnection/intensity and self harm

    I'm still doing lots of things now to hurt and harm myself. I know the forum rules dictate I can't say what. I continue to have suicidal thoughts and have strong urges to kill myself..... but importantly, I don't want to die.. I'm not sad. I'm not depressed. I'm just obsessed with harming...
  18. O


    OK OCD sufferers have A THOUGHT...FEAR..COMPULSION TO REDUCE FEAR... and so on as the cycle begins again Now is this still OCD because I am tormented with guilt and doubt about my OCD theme. Basically one day I thought ok OCD can't get me this time. It won't make me do anything bad. I felt...
  19. A


    Please help me. I'm struggling not to act on my urges.
  20. nickybow86

    I think I have ocd intrusive thoughts. What do ye think ?

    I'm so glad I found this forum because for years I have been fighting terrible intrusive thoughts but I just thought I was going mad. I think about hurting myself.. my kids .. my husband. I Think about suicide and other things like throwing a child from a building. I don't like walking over a...