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  1. Roo1983

    Need someone to talk to...feel so down!

    I feel so down and fed up and my head is a mess.3 years ago I came out of a very toxic relationship...it seems to have completely destroyed me!!Ive tried to move on and found the loveliest guy ever and was dating him for 2 years.Ive ended this as I don’t feel I can be in a relationship...my head...
  2. B

    Intrusive and upsetting thoughts

    I am constantly plagued by images of animal cruelty on social media, to the point where I am on edge when scrolling through the pages. I have unfollowed people who post these upsetting images, but by then, the damage is done and it can be weeks or even months before I can even begin to put it...
  3. S

    Not sure what is going on

    Hi Everyone, I have been having a lot of issues recently, not overly severe, but concerning enough that I went to my doctor although was told "everyone feels sad sometimes", i did get referred to MIND and after months of waiting I have just had the interview appointment and been told the waiting...
  4. M

    First Time Forum - Looking for support

    Hi All, As my title goes I am a first time user of this type of outlet. In a nutshell I have dealt with anxiety/panic attacks a long time but now I find I am dealing with intrusive thoughts and resisting acting on them which has been tiring and upsetting. I guess I am looking for people with a...
  5. S


    I can't control my emotions. It's driving me potty and I need space yet I can't ask for it from fear of upsetting my partner?!?!?
  6. B

    Please help me.

    Hello everyone, I have never posted on anywhere like this before but I desperately need some advice/help. I have been with my boyfriend for a year and a half. I am 28 and he is 36.We met at work and still work together. Right before we started seeing each other he ended his marriage as he was...
  7. Poppy12

    Big FAT b*stard

    I'm so fucking fat it's really upsetting me. I've lost a fair bit of weight since Christmas but I'm still over a stone overweight. I feel disgusted with myself. I don't know how I ever let myself get this bad - I've got back fat for god's sake! I'm just disgusting.
  8. C

    20 Signs of Unresolved Trauma

    20 Signs of Unresolved Trauma | Discussing Dissociation (more in link) 1. Addictive behaviors – excessively turning to drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping, gambling as a way to push difficult emotions and upsetting trauma content further away. 2. An inability to tolerate conflicts with others –...
  9. R

    Am I blaming the depression.

    My bf said to me yesterday that I was responsible for what comes out of my mouth and I can't blame the depression for it?? When I get deoressed I know I say irrational or upsetting things that I don't mean but is it me or the depression talking.
  10. Purr38

    Not allowed to "die"

    I tried to isolate myself because i felt i could not cope with the world. I stopped seeing a lot of people, but then a few persisted despite my efforts to drift away. Yesterday a load of people who seem to love me, why i do not know, turned up at my flat with presents, hugs and smiles. I knew...
  11. G

    Side effects

    Anyone else here on olazapine? Have you noticed similar side effects? I get restless legs and body , blurred vision , itchy and flaky skin , increased appetite It has worked for me doc said it would help a lot with my paranoia which it has and my mood is good but these side effects are very...
  12. Lincoln1990

    Taking a break...I'm so tired

    I've thought long and hard about this and I need to figure out my life. Without MHF. I need to come back stronger and today proved I'm not strong. Far from it. So I'm taking a much needed break from life. From here. I've already disabled Facebook and I guess this place needs to go too. I don't...
  13. Lincoln1990

    What were your symptoms of bipolar?

    Whst were your symptoms of bipolar, particularly BP2? We are exploring the possibility of me having this. I'm not convinced though. I'm confused and don't want to upset Sue like I've been upsetting my mom. I don't know. Please reply back. Thanks.
  14. Q

    I’d like to say sorry x

    I’m feeling a bit bad about how I behaved last night. There are certain people on here who I am very fond of (you know who you are). Many of you have been struggling and have come close to ending it; I responded badly to this by getting upset and what’s worse letting you know I was upset. I...
  15. Zentangle

    funeral tomorrow

    Hi I just want to no I've got some support because I am going to need it after my uncles funeral. Its on the 9th which is Friday. I can't talk to my partner about how I feel. And no family either. Just my gran but she will be too upset. I'm dreading it. Plus my mental health team won't give me...
  16. P

    Missing my Nana.

    Maybe it is the time of year but, bloody hell, I totally miss her. The thought of not having her here next year and never seeing her or hugging her again is just so upsetting.
  17. T

    Help and support for teen SH'er

    My daughters friend (13yrs) self harms, her mum is aware and made her promise not to do it any more. A recent traumatic event has had her sh again, and she can't tell her mum as this other thing is upsetting enough and I said to just deal with one thing at a time. Are there confidential support...
  18. W

    feeling really down today

    This year has just been a complete nightmare a friend of mines baby die she then committed suicide, then and this may sound stupid to some, my girls hamster die of an illness and I had to try and nursemaid her, then our fish die yes just a goldfish but we had had him for 10 years and now my boys...
  19. Lincoln1990

    So much pain

    I'm having a lot of pain right now. It's getting worse. It's been hurting for weeks. I didn't write down the actual date but I know it's been a few weeks. However I don't have thoughts to SH or to kill myself. I'm confused about this. I can't go to the doctor until at least next week when I...
  20. L

    Obsessive thoughts

    Does anyone have any advice on how to stop obsessive thoughts I can get something in my head (always negative) and it can go round and round for hours and even days its really upsetting any advice will be appreciated