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  1. tragicpink

    emptiness. i want to feel alive

    like many borderlines i experience chronic feelings of emptiness. i used to be able to combat this with risky, impulsive, and damaging activities. i used to use hook ups and dating as a way to fill the void. i'm now in a monogamous relationship that i have no intention of giving up on so hook...
  2. E


    Hello my name em. Iam 40 suffer with schizoaffective disorder. I hear voices and have mood ups and downs. Which room would be best for my issues. Many thanks em x
  3. L

    Ups and Downs F*** my life

    They say ups and downs are good everyone is conformable at different places. If feel no ups or downs that would not be good. These are just things that sound nice. This information is useless. Just makes me feel like ill never find my place. ill always hate life. doc seems to think im not that...
  4. M

    Re introduction

    Hi and good evening. I am reintroducing my self to the group/forum as it's been six (eventful) years since I was last on here. Cannot believe how quickly the time has passed and I hope everyone is at least coping with the adversity poor mental health throws at you. Briefly then, my name's Dave...
  5. Fairy Lucretia

    I never grew up

    emotionally and personality wise ,im still 11 i am not an adult in anything but physical/intelligence form if that makes sense never had anything grown ups have never will can't cope alone just a child x
  6. S

    Girlfriend With Chronic Health Problem..HELP!!

    After 6 months of dating my gf revealed to me that she is a life long carrier of hepatitis b (got it at birth but found out 4 years ago - her sisters have it too). At the moment it is inactive (but the virus is such that it may or may not get active in the future and therefore she needs yearly...
  7. amathus

    Daily Ups and Downs...

    Are you 'up' or 'down' at the moment? :dance: or :BLAH: amathus.
  8. I

    delusions with no other symptoms.

    Medication seems to be controlling Sids ups and downs but now he percents with paranoid delusions, can this be possible?
  9. P

    Living with Bipolar is a "Roller Coaster Ride"

    Hi everyone, My life is just that.... its ups and its downs..... Love the ups, I feel like have grown wings it's a great feeling when you can't keep your feet on the ground, forget the wings just kidding... The downs, well they get really low low like a black hole, there's nothing there...
  10. O

    Recurrent brief depression

    Recurrent brief depression - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia recurrent brief depressive disorder - General Practice Notebook I am convinced that I have Recurrent brief depression, but my GP will not diagnose or treat me for it - saying that I am suffering ups and downs within normal limits...
  11. O

    What's happening to me?

    When I was younger (8-13) I had hallucinations. Three to be exact. One time I saw my dead grandpa, the next time I saw a 'shadow man' that threw 'shadow bugs' at me which I could actually feel, and the last time I saw lights in the sky and one of the lights beamed down on me (like a spaceship)...
  12. M

    Hard week

    Sorry to vent but it's been a hard week for me. I have been diagnosed with bi-polar since 3 years ago. I so hate ups and downs. This week has been a very depressive week. I can't figure out why, but I just hate it. There is times that I wonder if life is worth living. A little about me, I have...
  13. E

    i am guilty!!!

    it don't matter that i'm ill and not on meds, i am still guilty for my own actions. folks irl tell me my illness is part of who and what i am and i have to take responsibility for my own fuck ups no matter how ill. so how do you deal with the guilt???
  14. M

    new to all this and a bit confuzzled

    hi all, i did my intro a little earlier, but i'm so new to this i just need to know if all my feelings and thoughts are part and parcel of this bi-polar stuff i was finally diagnosed with bipolar on mon. as well as ups and downs i also get a lot of paranoia.. like do people really like me, am i...
  15. KP1

    Ups and downs of recovery

    I have been feeling a lot better for a good few days but now my mood has changed yet again,couldn't sleep last night,feel agitated and restless but not really depressed as such and appetite has gone today after being a pig yesterday.The trigger I think was some news about problems with close...