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  1. L

    Sectioning and builders of mental health units

    Do you think those that build mental health units want to stay in them? Also those people who accuse others of needing help a) they must have seen a psychiatrist to assume what one does and b) they are the people calling for help so they still need psychiatrists. And for non-pdoc staff in...
  2. C


    im in hospital been here two years in may i was i another unit for 3yrs before moving to a secure rehab i had no outside leave i don't want to be here anymore i want a life outside of hospitals i dont need to be in units any longer i need to get out
  3. F

    Voices unlocked

    Mind in Camden's London Hearing Voices Project: Prisons & Secure Units, presents: Voices: Unlocked A One Day Conference on Supporting People in Prisons & Secure Units who Hear Voices or See Visions Hear from experts by experience and profession. About The Conference: Between 3 and 10% of...
  4. J

    Hello, I'm new, want to introduce myself.

    Well, Ive had an eating disorder since my teens (I'm 29 now) and have been in two different eating disorder units as well as a few psych units and have always left AMA (against medical advice). I generally restrict more than I binge/purge but have been known to do that too on occasion. Im also a...
  5. P

    hate hangovers. feeel spewyy

    Blurghh i feel so sick was drinking at a friends house for NYE and i am still feelng sick.. i havent been sick which is a suprise as i usually am! However its been 24hours since i drank and i dont understand how i can still feel like this.. i have no way drank 24 units so the alcohol should be...
  6. misaki

    Scared and Confused

    New, Scared and Confused I'm new here. I have just recently been told I am suffering from both anorexic and bulimic symptoms. I do not know how to get better or who to talk to. I was always rather big in school and made fun of by my father. I was called horrible names and now know how it has...
  7. amathus

    Patients spend too long in secure mental health units....

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-12922449?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter Patients are spending too long in mental health secure units because of a lack of community services for them to move on to, says a report. qf.
  8. Zoelouise

    Has anyone been to a specialist eating disorder residential unit?

    Hi, this is arty girl Can anyone give me any information about Oakwood child and adolescent mental health unit at Sheffield? My chams team have referred me to this unit for six weeks! My mum and dad are really worried. What is it like in one of these units? Can i carry on mith my schoolwork...
  9. Bikerbabe

    Locked Units

    Does anyone know the regulations on locking whole units (not individual wards) and Trusts can legally do this. Isn't it a deprevation of liberty for informal patients?
  10. G

    Depression & work

    I don't know what to do anymore. I have had my same job for almost 2 years now but the stress from this type of work environment is not helping me any. I work in a close custody prison for men as a secretary for 2 housing units (segregation & mental health units). I do have contact with inmates...
  11. firemonkey

    Specialism in mental health-a good idea or not?

    The following article puts forward a case for specialism in mental health. Good idea or not? http://www.mentalnurse.org.uk/index.php/2009/02/21/specialism-in-mental-health/
  12. I

    Cant cope/PD inpatient units

    I'm finding it increasingly difficult to cope at the moment and feel myself going lower and lower. My moods are just so unstable and i simply cant bare being alive. I've thought about seeing if i can get referred to a specialist personality disorder unit. When i read my medical records last week...