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  1. U

    Am I in Remission from Unipolar Mania?

    Hello Friends I have Unipolar Mania (in my opinion). I was diagnosed with Bipolar in 1998. I have never in my life experienced any sort of depression, not even for a moment. So I consider myself to "suffer" from Unipolar Mania. I put the word "suffer" in quotes because my illness removes most...
  2. D


    Hi everyone I'm new to this site... Basically I have been back and forth to the doctors and psychiatrist with my moods being so high and so low they are suggesting I have unipolar or some sort of mood disorder. I have currently been on the sick from work as I have struggled to cope with...
  3. U

    Happy With Unipolar Mania

    Hi Everyone. I've just been thinking about my mania. I wanted to know if there were others like me whole experience regular manic episodes and hypomania but never ever experience depression and never have. I am the happiest person I know. Hypomania and mania are always underneath the surface...
  4. M


    Lots of Bipolar friends,Do I stand alone on the Unipolar front???? Eeeeek................
  5. M


    Hi anyone?everyone, I have been for years trying to find someone else diagnosed with my condition 'Unipolar' I saw a post on here from someone saying they had yet to meet anyone with this diagnosis,so I thought I'd say hello....
  6. A

    Recurrent depression? Eh?

    I was given a diagnosis by the crisis team off the consultant from the psychiatric ward where I have been admitted 3 times in 6 weeks. He said it was "recurrent depression". I'm quite confused now, it seemed so simple at the time they told me. When I was sixteen I was diagnosed with complex...
  7. G

    Unipolar mania? (Or hypomania?) Anyone?

    Is anybody out there a unipolar manic (or hypomanic)? Or do you know one? Or have you ever met one? (I haven't.) Is it really possible to experience just the "high" end of bipolar? If so, how many episodes have you (or the monopolar manic you know) had? How severe were they; was psychosis...
  8. marcustwelve

    Unipolar Anybody??

    Hi suffered from depression, anxiety etc for many, many years. Don't get the highs of Bi-Polar, just more or less constant lows :( Anybody else the same?
  9. KP1

    Unipolar depression and mood swings

    Has anyone had experience of unipolar depression mood swings as opposed to bi-polar. My moods can definately dip on a daily basis this is easier to recognise when it lifts a little and then dips again. How have people coped with this on a daily basis?