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  1. cpuusage

    The Mental Patients Union, 1973

    The Mental Patients Union, 1973
  2. deadchick07

    Workplace Bully Suspended

    Remember me saying a while ago about the person in work being a bully about moaning that disabled staff are treated specially when they shouldnt be paid the same as "normal" workers because they get away with doing less? And the boss did nothing when I reported it? Well, I wasnt there but...
  3. deadchick07

    shrink appointment and union kick off

    had a shrink appointment today- hes had a change of personality! he was quite pleasant. Asked about my dads op. asked about my sons diagnosis. eventually worked his was around to me. So i told him im not sleeping, having chest pains and palpitations, feeling very stressed, had 8 weeks off work...
  4. L

    The Union Rep

    I don't know whether it is the same in every city I am guessing it is. Where I live there are two mental health hospitals (I would assume this varies from area to area). Anyway my colleague, the Union Rep, the other day was talking about cheap paintballing and I asked him where it was and he...
  5. L

    Colleagues and discrimination

    Yesterday my colleague KP was laughing about Frank Bruno being detained in a mental health institution perhaps KP would find it funny if he was detained in one. Also the Union rep was saying about things being 'dolala' as I say it takes one to know one.
  6. L

    Alleged Schizophrenia and discrimination

    Last Friday 28/12/12 the union rep at work was calling someone a Schizo. My reckoning is if that is a caring term then everyone including the union rep should be called it. The same applies if people call others mad.
  7. B

    Dwp union pcs and disability

  8. D

    atos doctors

    Atos docs condemn their own work 15 October 2010 Prospect, a trade union for professionals including 135 Atos doctors, has condemned as ‘wholly unrealistic’ the target of 10 claimants a day that medics are expected to assess for eligibility for employment and support allowance (ESA). The...