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  1. N

    What do you do when nothing excites or interests you anymore?

    II no longer have the desire to travel, graduate, move on with life. Nothing excites me at all. Throughout the day now i just think about how peaceful it will be when i finally get to die. I'd really like to die as soon as possible. There's nothing keeping me alive anymore. I don't get along...
  2. Funnyday

    Anyone else missing a dead relative?

    My Mum died in 1997 from Breast cancer. My Dad in 1999 from Lung cancer. I miss them so much. I don't know why I'm still getting upset all these years later. Life is cruel. :low:
  3. H

    Am I crazy?

    So I've been diagnosed with Bpd and I was on meds for a while but I stopped and I thought I was doing better. I try to be more mindful before I react to negative emotions. Anyway a few weeks ago I asked my brother if I can have some stuff delivered to his place and he basically said no because...
  4. P

    New here

    Hi, not sure if this is the right part of the forum as I’m new to this but I just wanted to write a little about how I’m feeling. I’m 21 and male, from the UK. For a long time I’ve felt different but it wasn’t until recent months that I’ve hit some kind of low. I graduated from university in...
  5. qwerty1234

    Intense anxiety

    This is so frustrating 'I shouldn't be this upset' 'I am very upset' I email with several friends daily including some people I know less well than others, and I get so anxious waiting for their reply.
  6. V

    My girlfiriend's violent meltdowns

    I have a really hard time with this... I love my girlfriend dearly. She's this cutie who I can't get enough of when she's really doing well mentally. But sometimes she gets really bad. The other night, I got upset at her, and the best of us get upset, but I feel really guilty about it because...
  7. C

    My depressed partner is pushing me away - need support

    My partner of three years has just broken up with me. The problem is, we’ve moved to his home country from mine where we were both living and I have no support network here at all. We haven’t even been here two months and he’s called it quits. We’ve been planning this move for over a year...
  8. C

    Daydreams about deceased father

    Hello, I lost my dad January second of this year to cancer. I was his care giver for about three months and the months before that were really rough also. Lately I haven’t been able too sleep and I find myself thinking about him in his last days unconsciously. Of course causing me too get...
  9. C

    My First Class Degree of Uncertainty

    University was the best three years of my life - cliche I know, but it's true! I had the best group of friends - some of which are now my closest! I did really well at uni, I had never done design before and i absolutely LOVED it, I enjoyed every single second. When the time came to leaving...
  10. F

    Upset stomach

    Two weeks ago i pretty much had a breakdown, couldnt function at all etc. I have makor health anxiety and have been put on olanzapine and fluoxetine. My worry at the moment is bowel cancer. I wake up every morning and about 5 mins later i get loose stools. Doesnt matter what time i wake up...
  11. F

    Postnatal with eating depression

    Stupid as it sounds but don’t know what, where, who to turn to ... I have a 5month son who is my world I can’t fault him he’s amazing! But yet I feel so unhappy. I have battled through pregnancy silently with my fears of gaining so much weight and now months after birth I felt like the fight...
  12. H

    you ever feel worried about things you know are false?

    You ever hear something from somebody and you know it's not true but you can't seem to convince yourself? I went to a concert and it was great but I was upset because I didn't gete noticed as much as I had wanted. I told my friends. About a month later, (today) they told me i make everything...
  13. spoon-racoon

    online harassment

    someone started harassing me on the mood tracking app I use and the blocking feature isn't working. I've been regularly logging my mood on that app for over 2 years and I don't feel comfortable posting there anymore. It was my safe space and had such a welcoming community and I'm honestly...
  14. P

    thoughts and comment from dr about volunteering- upset by this.

    Hello I didn't really know where to start. I feel like i am "stable" but anything can tip be right over. That is a huge contradiction, I know but I just don't even know what is going on in my head. I had a routine appointment with my dr today and she was ssaying how she was concerned as I had...
  15. Fairy Lucretia

    so upset ,please tell me what is wrong with me?

    maddie's t shirt just came ,i was so proud and pleased with it ,i wanted to show my nextdoor neighbour i called her and she came out and then went back in without looking or talking to me she has been off with me for a while ,since my cat winston died she has basically ignored me i saw her...
  16. J

    Girl From My Past Wants To Date But I Upset Her Twice

    This girl I used to see first in a theatre group I attended in 2010 and secondly at a centre I used to visit late 2014 wants to date me after finding her again on this autistic dating site. I however keep misunderstand her and have upset her 2 time now first was Tuesday night again again...
  17. Poopy Doll

    Being a landlady

    I am renting out a room, so that makes me a landlady. I rented it to a 43 year old woman with a steady job. Now her daughter and the daughters baby are staying with her. I can hear the baby crying, babbling, etc. I told them the daughter and baby cannot stay, cannot live here. They tell me she...
  18. T

    How to express emotions like a person

    Hello, pretty new here, and hope im not in the wrong place. I'm having some trouble with a repeated issue in my relationships with people. I avoided people for most of my life, for reasons im not getting into right now. For whatever reason, I have learned its better to not express emotions. Hide...
  19. D

    Just need some friendship advice

    I’ve had some relationships in my life go sour lately and I’m not entirely sure what to do. I have one friend who’s often upset or hurt when I try to joke around with her. I don’t ever mean to upset her but somehow I do and it makes me feel awful. She won’t always tell me either sometimes she’ll...
  20. D

    Hello, I’m new...

    ... and I’ve never used a forum before. I’ve been feeling, down I guess? About life. I’ve had some friends kinda duck out on me so that kicks up a bunch of anxieties. This was a late night decision but I’m hoping just talking to someone without worrying that I’m going to upset them will help a...