1. W

    Why Cant I Cry?

    I cant cry. I want to. I know i would feel better if i could. I cannot make the tears come. In the last 5 years, i have cried on 2 occasions, very unexpectedly, but once i started it was......uncontrollable. I feel sad and want to cry...is it medication that is stopping me? Please help.
  2. pepecat

    "Shoot the Damn Dog' author Sally Brampton dies

    Sally Brampton, journalist and writer, dies aged 60 - BBC News (contains suicide specifics) Of all the 'celebrity' deaths this year, this one has stunned me the most, though actually, I"m not massively surprised. I feel a bit 'hit by a truck' for a few reasons..... I didn't know Sally at all...
  3. M

    single mum/ 3 kids/ anxiety, panic, agoraphobia 😓

    I am absolutely knackered and fed up and depressed with my life right now. I don't know how much more I can take.for 2 years I've been dealing with anxiety and horrible panic attacks that bring me to my knees and make me so upset my life has stopped. I don't go anywhere . I take my kids to...