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  1. P

    Hello there!

    Hello, I am pleased to meet all of you! I reside in New York City and I suffer from schizoaffective disorder, social anxiety disorder, and obsessive compulsive disorder. I was first diagnosed approximately seventeen years ago with my conditions and it has been very difficult to deal with...
  2. J

    Unexpected Message On A Dating Site

    While Plenty Of Fish hasn't been working after sending about 100 messages today I received an unexpected message on a dating site I haven't been on for years called Zoosk. I joined about 2010 and forgotten all about that website. The only thing is I can't read the message it's only told me in...
  3. B

    Can't figure out what phobia this is

    I was talking to my girlfriend, and she shared with me, what I can only consider a phobia. She said that anything that isn't the size she expects it to be causes her a lot of anxiety and fear. She told me that this has brought her to tears, even as a teenager. She can deal with it better now...
  4. F

    I get angry over unexpected things happening

    So whenever I'm waiting for a bus and it's ten minutes late I go into this state where I'm angry or annoyed. The other day we'd gone clubbing and after we came out I wanted to get a kabab before getting in the taxi but the others I was with wanted to go instantly, saying there'll be somewhere...
  5. Mister.B

    I want my system back.

    So recently, although not so recently, I lost pretty much all of my system. Last week Dets came back but only to communicate with me in my mind. I don't know why I still call him Dets. Saying his full name doesn't make me switch anymore. In fact I lay there and said it over and over so he...
  6. C

    Do they really hate you?

    My experience is people with "social phobia" like myself have deep rooted confidence problems. I think this issue is maybe best addressed with therapies. I'm looking into cbt. Not the motorbike test!! Maybe will be useful to many readers. Do u feel u walk too slow or fast & others notice...