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  1. frisas45

    What's the employment situation in US is like?

    Many people around me in US were unemployed. Can't get a single job. One of my friends tried to contact many bosses, but he couldn't get a SINGLE reply. I tried to get a job myself, and the job fair I went to hinted that. In addition, I heard on the news that getting a job with a stable amount...
  2. B

    Returning to work after years of unemployment ?

    I'm nearly 25 and have been unemployed since I was 18 , I studied hairdressing for a year last year but it's not for me so I'll never use it ...I can't see me being able to work for at least another year or 2 so by then I'll be 8 years unemployed ! Would anyone even want to give me a job ? I...
  3. H

    What am I supposed to do while unemployed?

    I'm on universal credit, getting enough money to get by. I'm in the "limited capability for work and work related activity" group and not working. I'll be starting volunteering and seeing a new psychiatrist in september, but I have no idea what to do with my time until then. I've been impulse...
  4. S

    Thinking of getting in touch with my friends but i'm unemployed

    Hello everyone! Back in 2015 I had it all, friends and money but then my mental health problems i spent years hiding got worse to the point where they hit me hard physically and emotionally and one day in work I took a good long look at my situation and thought to myself that I cant go on like...
  5. qwerty1234


    I am not sure if I can hold down a job. I feel very burned out, and when I feel this way I cannot do anything the whole day or for several days, except lie in bed, drink tea and play games on my phone. It sounds like a nice life, except that I am unable to work. I would like to have a job...
  6. W

    Can I claim PIP for BPD?

    I've just been diagnosed with BPD. I already have ADHD 1&2. Does anyone know it I could (should) apply for pip. As I'm broke, unemployed and really struggling.
  7. P

    so pissed off about car insurance and unemployed

    sorry for the offensive headline but I am absolutely livid did 3 different qoutes today for car insurance.. 8 year no claims sensible driver etc. all qoutes the exact same apart from 1. mature student living at home.. ( which i was before mental health took its toll) £328.00 2.. unemployed...
  8. B

    Applied for Unemployment Benefits

    Applying isn’t same as receiving. My employer has to verify information I submitted. Even if I get $75 a week, I’ll be happy. I can do laundry, get food, and cat food. I’m just so exhausted with all this unemployment. I just want a job!
  9. L

    BPD and career ,and ...iQ

    Hi all I've worked as an accountant for years, actually i found it is a boring job,and i just spend money on novel, especially in Harukimurakami's books. i got job and quit,usually. now i'm getting old, stuck with debt and unemployed. i got divorced years ago,my kid lives with me now. i find...
  10. B

    Angry, anxious, cynical,worthless, depressed

    Just one of those days when emotions are all over. I’ve been trying to stay busy with exercise and movies. Nothing is helping. It’s just a bad day. And I’m tired of being unemployed! Applying applying applying and nothing. I’m tired of being alone and carrying this load. Jesus i just want it...
  11. B

    Sad, some anxiety and possible PTSD

    Hello, I am a 22 year old male that still lives with his family and has never been employed. There's a downturn in my city and I'm having a strong fear of never finding employment. I am also a closeted homosexual and have been stressing about telling my family. I went through severe depression...
  12. A

    I'm new here

    Hi I'm vishal im 33 having a hard time with anxiety. It's causing issues and unable to work under pressure leaving me jobless. It's so frustrating :(
  13. I


    :cry2: I feel like I suffer from co-dependence. I am way to attached to my parents for my age. They hurt my feelings and offend me but I still stay days at their house. I really do love them. But I need a break from them. I need to be strong without them. I just get so desperately lonely. I have...
  14. D

    Hello everyone! I'm glad to have found this place

    Hello all, my name is Dana, I'm 31 and I am in a very dark place that I cant seem to get out of. I have always had a touch of depression (I believe it stems from flashbacks of childhood abuse and my parents alcoholism). I did extremely well in school and university, getting first class honours...
  15. M

    Feel like a failure and illness

    I just need some advise or encouragement Firstly, I have worked extremely hard to get where I am, always believing that if you work hard, it will pay off. For me, it hasn't. I graduated from university with high hopes. All my jobs since university I have been bullied. I had confidence about...
  16. Boppy

    Hi, My Name's Boppy

    Hello, everyone. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to become a part of this community. I'm a 29 year old lady living in Germany, but I originally come from England. I'm a long-term sufferer of anxiety and depression, especially when it comes to the work place and performance. I'm...
  17. B

    Beyond Stressed Out

    I just started therapy this week and for a minute I thought things would start going right. Nope. As usual, one good thing happens and then everything just crashes and burns. My room mate and I are off work for the summer because we work at a college and our unemployment checks aren't enough to...
  18. cpuusage

    Is Work Really Good For Your Health? Probably Not If You’re Sick, Disabled Or Poor Says DWP Research

    Is Work Really Good For Your Health? Probably Not If You’re Sick, Disabled Or Poor Says DWP Research https://johnnyvoid.wordpress.com/2016/02/18/is-work-really-good-for-your-health-probably-not-if-youre-sick-disabled-or-poor-says-dwp-research/ A DWP funded study published in 2006 reached a...
  19. D


    I feel trapped in my life and I don't know what to do about it. I'm unemployed, I don't have one single friend or aquaintance, I have family but they're all to busy to notice me and because I have nothing to do and nowhere to be I haven't left the house in three days, which means I haven't...
  20. J

    I'm deperessed to the point I don't want to live anymore

    I'm 20 with Aspergers and my life is terrrible. I'm currently unemployed I never had any work experiences in my life but I do want to find work though. Last year I was a college student and I completed my 2 year Photography course I did spend the gap year applying for uni but got rejected from...