1. qwerty1234

    feel nervous

    I don't know what it is with me today but I feel uneasy, anxious, nervous, sensitive, distracted
  2. Q

    question regarding pschologist assessment

    Hello All, I couldnt find were to put this so i decided to ask it here. So basically i had severe ocd symptoms for the past 2 month but they have died out in the last week. I still have a few but i feel uneasy. If i go for an assessment do i tell them how im feeling now or how i felt before...
  3. B

    uneasy ( rambling on )

    feeling very uneasy tonight keep having bad thoughts...keep having thoughts to sh having thoughts that i don't understand my head is hurting....ALOT.... got an horrendous headache and feeling as though....my head is screaming at me seriously don't understand what's happening to me i feel stable...
  4. F

    How much eye contact?

    How much eye contact is too little and how much is too much ie staring? I find it hard to judge but most people must instinctively know(?) If and when i do make eye contact i worry in case i'm overdoing it and feel uneasy about it.
  5. bert tomato

    uneasy - voices

    Ok I hear voices and sometimes I speak back to them. I am afraid that the voices are people I know and that they can hear my thoughts. It is horrible. I am scared- terrified to think. What should I do?
  6. updownupdown

    BPD - Am I extreme?

    Hi, About 12 months ago I was diagnosed with having bipolar II. Just recently my P Dr is questioning whether or not it could be borderline personality disorder. I just wondered if I am extreme in feeling they way I do sometimes e.g. if my partner even goes out of the room, I feel really...
  7. T

    is anyone afraid of new situations

    i went to candle party 2nite and only because i only ken'd two people and it was a new house. i was quiet and scared, i am not like this when i am with my friends. it now means i dont go to new houses and if i do i am very uneasy i wont go out to the shops unless i ken it or wen i am with...
  8. D

    Class A drugs used in treatment

    We've mentioned this on a thread somewhere and I've just found this in my local paper http://www.thisisBristol.co.uk/displayNode.jsp?nodeId=145365&command=displayContent&sourceNode=145191&contentPK=19699563&folderPk=83726&pNodeId=144922. I'm uneasy about the whole thing I must admit - any one...