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  1. G

    Goodbye: I'm leaving this forum

    I'm leaving this forum, to who it may or may not concern. Once this thread goes up I'm deleting this account and I will not be back. I've disabled my yahoo account because everyone's blocked me there too. I'll just cope with my problems on my own because nobody understands me nearly as much as I...
  2. qwerty1234

    Lonely today

    I emailed a bunch of friends and sent one really long email to an old coworker. I feel so much better not getting smacked around by female therapists who don't know what the hell they are doing. I emailed Anthony and I think it worked well, he understands me the best. If I were phil I would...
  3. Kaii24


    Hi I’m Kaii. 23 and I’m suffering depression, PTSD and symptoms of bipolar disorder. Ive been dealing with this since the age of 3. I’ve dealt with sexual , mental, physical and emotional abuse. I’ve seen traumatic things in my lifetime. I decided to come on here because I feel like there’s...
  4. M

    Nobody understands our pain

    Nobody understands the pain we go through daily as sufferers of mental and/or physical illnesses. It's just frustrating that my parents simply cannot accept that I do have a problem with myself. That it's all "in my head" and that I should just get over it. They should swap minds with me to feel...
  5. M

    4 years of suffering

    4 years ago i had dramatic experience and I thought i could get past it right away . It took me a few years to understand the situation but it took on toll on me mentally and physically.. I rarely do anything.. I can’t focus enough to keep a job and U literally sleep for days at a time . I have...
  6. R

    too young for this

    Need to speak to someone who understands dementia in young people
  7. R


    Hello everyone, I'm a 25 year old female and I have suffered from depression in my teenage years, but through a lot of effort, I managed to get out of the hole I was in. Unfortunately, I think I might be going there again, so I decided to look for help online and I found this forum. I guess I...
  8. L


    :confused why am i here. Because i guess this where you go when no else understands.
  9. T

    its bad

    so as you know i have intrusive thoughts that range but there always the same topics that pop up now i had a good time i have gone a month without any of these thoughts but there coming back. Now today i had a date wih a guy and i didnt have any violent or bad thoughts instead i was thinking i...
  10. Kerome

    Standing up for yourself

    I've started a difficult conversation with my father, about how he can sometimes be very sharp and unsupportive, which is sometimes hurtful to both myself and my mother. It's been quite liberating so far, to articulate feelings I've had for a long time but have been unable to express, usually...
  11. J

    Long term sufferer but never posted on a forum

    I've battled with depression and anxiety for most of my life, I'm currently off work as I'm not fit to do my job. Just looking for someone to talk to who understands how I feel.
  12. E

    New member

    Hello all. I have struggled with depression and anxiety for a long time now and I came across this forum and thought it would be nice to have someone to talk to who understands.
  13. A

    New girl

    Hi from NJ... I can't believe I'm gonna do this. Someone that understands should listen I guess.
  14. P

    troubled mind, depression

    my mind can't work properly. I have learning disabilities. I belong to the "slow". I just want to die. Life is unfair. there is nothing left for me.
  15. cpuusage

    The Helping Room

    The Helping Room - Mad In America "Every culture has its share of individuals who break down in bewilderment. People who hallucinate, behave beyond norms, seek to die, think in strange ways. Called many things—witches, patients, healers—we are met with as many responses, each reflecting how our...
  16. C

    hi.. i'm new here..

    I'm hoping to find people on here that is in the same boat as me. My partner was diagnosed with schizophrenia last year.. Although he has been getting fantastic help I feel no one understands on how I feel now. We have a young child. Ive tried to explain till I'm blue in the face but I feel...
  17. S


    My heads spinning feel like im on a roller coaster ride of emmotions again today chunks of today's missing again can't tell anyone whats happened no one understands can't explain it in words cant trust anyone the voices don't want me here really want to hurt me so badly
  18. D

    the secret inside

    I have been through so many mood changes the last week I've almost forgotten who I am. I thought I was the protective part of the whole me but really I'm just a mess. I don't even know why I'm here I don't think there's any value or importance to my ramblings. But right now there's no one I can...
  19. I

    feel like im getting worse

    Hi I'm ever so sorry to rant on but I just feel like I'm getting worse and not well enough to work anymore which is ovbs not helping as I don't feel I'm working as my normal. Self ability.the Dr said if I don't improve or get worse there put me in hospital for my safety but I'm just finding...
  20. M

    Alcohol anxiety

    This isnt the first time im posting here and probably wont be the last!i do this every couple of weeks i drank to oblivion and now my head is a complete mess with panic.i suffered a brain injury years back so i shouldnt drink anyway and im on paroxitine as well which you arent supposed to drink...