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  1. G

    Hello I'm new here I'm so glad I found this forum

    I am desperately trying to get an understanding of did/osdd and similar dissociation experiences. My husband has osdd however after 10 years im ust now learning this after a recent trigger sent him spiraling enough to where I could not just chalk it up to personality. I have spent 20+ hours...
  2. L


    Hi all, just wanted to introduce myself a little, I have had a long history of depression, anxiety, CPTSD, been diagnosed about 12 different things over the years, (not really into labels), struggled with self harm, suicide attempts hospitalizations and addictions to name a few. Long story...
  3. I


    Hi everyone, I'm Indie and, well, here for a little support and understanding x
  4. S

    Need help understanding deep depression

    Hello, I am new here. I have someone I am trying to help and I need help understanding it. She lets bugs crawl in her food, and has a terrible mess in her house. How can I help her?? thank you so much
  5. J

    Brand new

    Hello everyone , my name is Jenn. I don't know why I didn't join up here sooner ! Been on other forums for weight lifting and what not, but always get frustrated because of the lack of understanding I face with regards to my ailments . I look forward to reading and sharing with you all !
  6. L

    Hello everyone newbie

    Introducing myself is hard since I’m lost at the moment but hello everyone. Looking forward to getting to know y’all and for myself get some understanding from people who are similar to me. Love here ❤️
  7. S


    Good - in a strange way - to meet you. I've had the beast of depression for about a year now and it's a silent agressor and i'm feeling better for understanding it
  8. E

    Hello, I'm new!

    Hello, I'm new! Finally got my diagnosis (Personality disorder, non specific). I also have high functioning autism, my diagnosis has been a long time coming, I've always found dealing with my moods very difficult. Never understanding why I don't know how I feel. Understanding how I feel and...
  9. A

    My friend has anxiety disorder. I need help.

    I'm new to encountering people with anxiety disorder. I have dealt with some anxiety in my life. a few panic attacks in my teenage years, even once in college. I have a new close friend whose anxiety has been becoming increasingly worse over the past 2 years that I've known him, or maybe he is...
  10. cpuusage

    Drugs alone won't cure the epidemic of depression. We need strategy

    A lot that i agree with here. Seems like a sensible understanding of the issues - Drugs alone won't cure the epidemic of depression. We need strategy | Mark Rice-Oxley | Opinion | The Guardian
  11. cpuusage

    Breaking Through the Wall of Schizophrenia

    i know the general attitudes that a lot of people & the system has to alternative ways of understanding & approaching psychosis, But thought that this was an interesting little article, looking at the role trauma plays within psychotic disorders & how people can potentially find a deeper healing...
  12. cpuusage

    Frequency, DNA, and the Human Body

    An article exploring a more expanded understanding of the self & our biology - Frequency, DNA, and the Human Body - Science of the Soul
  13. Mr.NiceGuy

    childbirth from necessity to privilege

    Maybe its appropriate to infinity that we change once from having children as a neccesity to it being a privilege. I think this will change voices and possibly spirits with identity way of speaking to those who hear voices. There understanding of what they are will lead them to be more at your...
  14. cpuusage

    Two simple questions that have changed the way people hear inner voices

    Two simple questions that have changed the way people hear inner voices A very good article on our changing understanding to & relationship with the experience of voice hearing / voice hearers - Two simple questions that have changed the way people hear inner voices
  15. N

    Surrounded yet isolated...

    This is my first time posting and I don't really know where to start. For the past few years I've been in an on and off mutually mentally abusive relationship with this guy. We broke up again a few months agof and I've been handling it ... decently. He was everything to me and I thought I to...
  16. valleygirl

    I finally told my instructor about my anxiety

    Last night I finally told my instructor about my anxiety, and it went way better than I thought. She was really nice and understanding, and reassured me that I am not too terribly behind. She encouraged me that I would get through it and get everything done. She asked me if the anxiety was...
  17. A

    Help understanding

    Hi, I need help understanding whether what I'm dealing with would actually be considered psychosis or not, I am diagnosed with depression and anxiety and I sometimes hear like people whispering, talking about me but just quiet enough that I can't hear what they're saying, my friends have told me...
  18. cpuusage

    Exploring the culture of psychiatric diagnosis, creating change

    Exploring the culture of psychiatric diagnosis, creating change << Scottish Recovery Network "We are in the middle of an epidemic of mental health problems. It sometimes seems as if the whole population will be soon be diagnosed and taking medication. Politicians of all parties are promoting...
  19. W

    Why We Should be Sending Some Psychiatrists and Some at Drug Companies to Jail...

    Why We Should be Sending Some Psychiatrists and Some at Drug Companies to Jail... The World Health Report 2001 explains that one in four people suffer from a mental illness. That means that mental illness is effecting hundreds of millions of individuals around the Globe. If you’re a business –...
  20. cpuusage

    Understanding Extreme States

    Understanding Extreme States: An Interview with Stephen Harrod Buhner - Mad In America