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  1. L

    My mum doesn't understand my severe fear... Help?

    So, long story short, I live with my mum and i suffer from depression, anxiety, panic attacks and a little ocd (my brother and sister are staying at our dads atm). Quite often we get sp***rs in the house as we leave the back door open for our dog. Sorry i can't even type the word as it makes me...
  2. B


    Hi, not sure what to put here really lol. I'm Robert, suffered anxiety and depression most of my life and discovered this website tonight while working nightshift. Going through a crisis period myself at the moment and hopefully I can find some support from people who understand, and with any...
  3. T

    Hi all.

    Hi everybody. This is the first time that I've been into this forum. I normally go to the anxiety one, but feel as though this one will be a bit beneficial to me. Am I ok to share some things with you all? I find that it's easier to speak with people that understand what it's like, rather...
  4. C

    Hey guys

    So I just joined the forum today. I have depression and anxiety as well as diagnosed bipolar. I came here to find people who were able to relate and understand me and also to get some advice from people who better know how to handle things.
  5. T

    need advice or suggestions

    i need advice on how i can be more supportive of my girlfriend during her depression phases like for example what can i do or say that would make her feel loved and that things will be ok i understand that i dont know anything about how and what she must be feeling or dealing with during these...
  6. B

    May Have Borderline ...

    So, I actually am only diagnosed with PTSD, Major Depression and Generalized Anxiety, but once was told I have BPD from a medical professional, then it was written off as a PTSD symptom. Honestly, now that I'm in my 20s I think it has became much worse. Maybe I used to be the silent...
  7. P

    Hello fellow throwaways of society! I come here in peace and to maybe help someone.

    Hello fellow throwaways of society! I come here in peace and to maybe help someone. I am... like lower 30's but I never really grew up past 12, I am diagnosed with paranoid skitzophrenia and severe social anxiety and panic attack disorder NOS ((although it's soooo much more complicated than...
  8. T

    Living with fiance who has a generalized anxiety disorder, not sure if I can continue, need advice

    Living with fiance who has a generalized anxiety disorder, not sure if I can continue, need advice Some background: We've been together for 3yrs total (I proposed to her 1 year later and we've been living together since (past 2 years now). I am 41 yr old a man and she is 39 yrs old. Ever since...
  9. L


    Hey I'm new to this site and could do with talking to some new people about what's going on and maybe find someone with a similar condition to me and help me understand it better. I am diagnosed with EUPD (emotionally unstable personality disorders)
  10. M

    I'm starting DBT therapy

    Hello. I hope you're having a lovely day. I've just started DBT therapy, just got though the initial assessment where I had to tell them my life story, which was a little painful at times. Has anyone else had DBT? How did you find it? As I understand it, it's to help me stop self-harming? How...
  11. J


    Hi I have gad for over 10 years never really gets better I have depression too quite recently Agoraphobia ,I feel just anxious and I not going out The thing is I am a grown woman and I am not coping at all I feel, I need support but its not there by my family. Its got to point I stop...
  12. N

    Anger in depression

    So various people keep telling me that because I get angry and occasionally "hyped" as a result of the anger that I can't possibly be consistently depressed (my anger is almost always in response to CPTSD emotional flashbacks). Is that true? Can you not be angry when depressed? I don't really...
  13. R

    Hearing Voices/Sounds?

    Hi, Well I did PeyoteQH. And throughout the dose I swear I heard my sister talking. I couldn't understand what she was saying, and it started to piss me off since I like doing my doses in complete quite, and then the dose ended about 2 minutes after and I looked around the whole house, and she...
  14. A

    A couple of anxious people

    I suffer from generalised anxiety disorder, and my boyfriend suffers from social anxiety and depression. I've come to terms with my GAD and I have coping mechanisms, but it's taken years for me to find the strength to get the help I needed. My boyfriend doesn't take any outside help and is...
  15. T

    My family treats me like I’m slow, and it’s frustrating..

    I’m a 19yo/girl whose family regards me as slow who lacks any social skills at all. I don’t think I’m slow at all so this is very frustrating to me. What they don’t know is that I went through a period of extreme social isolation for nearly 5 years from 4th grade until the beginning of 9th...
  16. K

    Mental Health Awareness

    Hi my name is Kayla and I have been affected by someone with Bipolar Disorder because my mom has suffered with Bipolar Disorder. Because of this mental illness I grew without a mom for much of my life and I didn't really like it. Until very recently I didn't know what Bipolar Disorder was and I...
  17. S

    Newbie here, also struggling with things

    Hello everyone, I'm new here so thought to introduce myself. I'm a 28yo male living in the UK. For much of my life I've struggled a lot with loneliness, being neglected and feeling really down. This has cycles with intense anxiety and has been this way for many many years now. On a day to...
  18. Guy12182

    Depression and its friends

    Depression is a debilitating disorder. Depression has many friends such as: hibernation, social remoteness, numbing of the mind, spirit and reasoning, sadness, anger, frustration and starvation. I'm sure there's many more. This is what I go through, starvation with severe depression. And I have...
  19. N

    Hello All

    Hey all! The names Aly and im new here. I came to this forum to find people who understand what i go through and how i feel. Also so i can get the best advise from people who understand.
  20. freddiefreakery


    I have to volunteer today. I can't tell my parents, but I hate volunteering. I know I have to get used to it so I can become more functional but I hate having to speak to people. My parents wouldn't understand if I told them how scared I am before going in. I'd appreciate support. <3