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  1. shaky

    In the psych hospital

    I've not posted lately cause I am in the psychiatric hospital. It's crap in here. The only good thing you can say about it is that it's difficult to hurt myself in here.(I was brought in because of uncontrollable self harm)
  2. H

    Waking nightmares

    I keep having unwanted, horrible waking nightmares that I can’t control or stop. It’s driving me crazy! I don’t know what to do! Dr will just give me more pills and refer me to iTalk. Which is no good for me.
  3. E

    I am an attention seeker and I lie to myself.

    Hello, My name is Ana and I want to know what is wrong with me. I have a lot of harming thoughts that I can't control. I think I fake mental illness to myself, but I didn't self-diagnose. I just constantly tell myself that I might have problems and I exaggerate symptoms to myself. I'm...
  4. M

    Male Crying Uncontrollable Emotions

    Hi I have a strange issue I have always had and it's hard to explain; I'm 28 yrs old and a manager however I have uncontrollable emotions. When I need to be assertive or defend a situation a struggle to hold back getting upset. I find it really difficult and avoid these situations.for example...
  5. W

    Why Cant I Cry?

    I cant cry. I want to. I know i would feel better if i could. I cannot make the tears come. In the last 5 years, i have cried on 2 occasions, very unexpectedly, but once i started it was......uncontrollable. I feel sad and want to cry...is it medication that is stopping me? Please help.
  6. M

    Reverse SAD? Irritable/Low when Sun is out

    Hi all, So I've been spending the morning googling this bloody affliction I've suffered for a few years now (it hasn't always been the case), but can find next to nothing on it. I love and crave grey, rainy/wintery days. I don't mind being out, just as long as the skies aren't blue and fluffy...
  7. M

    Anybody find themselves hating everything and everyone?

    Title sounds awful, and on good days I consider myself a joyful person, but I really suffer on bad days where I just feel like I hate everyone. I believe it is to do with my own intolerance and on bad days - I have NO tolerance - for anyone that comes too close to me, speaks too much to me, even...
  8. L

    Feeling sad, uncontrollable crying and breathing

    My panic attacks started back yesterday I have uncontrollable crying my heart feels so tight I don't want to be around anyone including my kids but I can't tell them that because it will hurt them I don't want to be here it's happening again I thought it was under control what's happening to me...
  9. J

    Feeling Odd

    I think my problems are that I worry about what other people think of me too much. Basically I’m scared off everything and I don’t know why. I have a major complex about looking stupid. I’m afraid of making mistakes. I’m paranoid about my body language where I think I have to look perfect. I...
  10. A


    Well I got two therapy meetings in and THEN they gave me a form to sign saying what they don't prescribe. Starting over at another agency, Meds are all gone and I don't even have an appointment with a therapist yet. Need two appointments under my belt to then get appointment with a prescriber...
  11. B

    Trying to help a friend who I think has BPD

    Hi all, I’m new on here and writing on this forum as I think I have a very close friend with Borderline Personality Disorder. I am looking for advice on how to help my friend and reconnect with her. We started off as friends in work and several months ago and started a sexual relationship that I...
  12. Seashell


    Help! :help: Im in the middle of an almighty meltdown...! My anxiety has been increasing over the last couple of weeks and now all I feel is an overwhelming panic and terror, its overtaking me, I can't breathe, focus, concentrate, can't stop breaking down into uncontrollable crying. I just feel...
  13. H

    Bi polar traits

    I have displayed traits of bi polar ever since I can remember it first started in my teens. I'm hyper or manic for a couple of weeks and don't sleep for more than 3 hours then I get so low all I can think about is my death. My low moods make me hide myself and I have to force myself to complete...
  14. E

    What on earth is wrong with me? Don't know if I should be here.

    Hello.. first time posting. Not sure if I fit into this forum. I tried to find a 'mood disorder' section but couldn't. I feel like it's a mood/personality thing. I'm just looking for some advice, I guess... the only person I have to talk to about this just tells me to pray. Well, hard to pray...
  15. tigerfish

    uncontrollable shakes!

    im very shakey today, i cant even hold a cup of coffee without chucking it all over myself!!! i haven't been like this for years! got no meds to calm me down either, what am i gonna do? im cracking up! cant ring crisis cos i don't know where to start! this has really got to me! sorry to winge...
  16. S

    Uncontrollable fear of dying

    I've always been a worrier even as a kid, I'm now almost 21 and the uncontrollable fear of something happening to me or anyone close is getting unbearable. I havnt booked a doctors appointment because I will feel idiotic explaining it and sometimes I feel fine, usually in the daytime. I find it...
  17. G

    Random, uncontrollable, crying attack

    Just wondering if anyone else has ever experienced this, and might know anything about it... It has now happened to me a couple of times that seemingly out of the blue I will start crying, just a tiny bit at first so that I try to control it and stop but cannot and it escalates; I end up crying...