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  1. H

    Really losing sight of reality.

    Hello to all, I've been recently diagnosed with this rare neurological movement disorder, that in essence makes my muscles stiff, turning me into a statue sometimes along with spasms, pain, balance and many other symptoms. I've always struggled with anxiety without knowing I had it, but for...
  2. F


    This is about children on the spectrum but I think it might also be applicable to adults Uncertainty drives anxiety, sensory issues in autism | Spectrum | Autism Research News I quote from the article : This is very much the situation with me . The unknown is full of uncertainty , It's...
  3. S

    how can i kill state of uncertainty ?

    sometimes i feel being controlled by the government i feel remotely controlled by other people this create within state of uncertainty whether it is mental illness or mind control any way i take medication but can anyone tell me how to kill this state of uncertainty ? thank you
  4. U


    I thought I'd been awarded Pip but i got it wrong I'm going through the reconsideration bit obviously that's pretty much a waste of time they paid a months dla but today my esa never went in the bank I fear the worse to be honest I've got a feeling this will be up for assement tho I didn't think...
  5. valleygirl

    How do you cope with despair?

    Do you ever feel like the depression will never go away and will always get in the way of living your life? Do you ever feel like your life has no purpose or meaning? How do you cope with all of the fears and uncertainty of living with a mental illness?
  6. A

    My father is a victim, break contact?

    These past months I will not soon forget. Two years ago, my stepsister broke contact with my father and stepmother. Now it is clear why: My father has done "something" to my stepsister. The precise details are sketchy but do not contradict each other. I think I have a complete overall picture...
  7. J

    Constantly Paranoid

    Lately, I have been really paranoid. I think people can hear my thoughts, even see my thoughts and I have tried to cut back on day dreaming or trying to control my thoughts so they won't know. And when I say "they", I mean friends and complete strangers. If I am in public I think everyone is...
  8. C

    Very lost and confused. How does my mental health compare to others?

    I am just writing this to sort of get everything out of my head and to see if others feel similar and how severe it is in comparison to others who are depressed. I would greatly appreciate if anyone would take the time to read this but obviously would understand if you don't want to. I...
  9. Lincoln1990

    So much pain

    I'm having a lot of pain right now. It's getting worse. It's been hurting for weeks. I didn't write down the actual date but I know it's been a few weeks. However I don't have thoughts to SH or to kill myself. I'm confused about this. I can't go to the doctor until at least next week when I...
  10. FallenAngel

    The Big Blipper

    We all have them. Those moments where nothing feels right, we cut ties, we switch off, try to empty ourselves of the negativities which make us feel that being in limbo is the only thing we exist in. I certainly have rode the rollercoaster that is the blipper. The one which grabs you...
  11. F

    Uncertainty about being mentally ill

    This is a recurring obsession of mine though i do not have OCD. Someone i mentioned this to on a thread elsewhere said "you are mentally ill,or else,why would you have been under mh services for so long,and why would you need medication if you werent?" I said i could reality test like that but...
  12. N


    Anyone know of any good online info on how to tackle uncertainty. Its a very major theme of my OCD and was never treated fully. It affect everything in my life really. Was told by maudlsey I need to develop a greater tolerance for uncertainty when I start therpay but need to start now otherwise...