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  1. V


    Are there more bpd girls that find it extremely hard to talk about sex? Hard to say what you do and don't want? Is that typical for bpd? What makes it so hard? And how to deal with it?
  2. B

    What is the quickest possible way for Schizophrenia to be officially diagnosed in the UK?

    What is the quickest possible way for Schizophrenia to be officially diagnosed in the UK? Hello people Pretty sure all the symptoms are present, just never been discussed with anyone, and never been acknowledged due to almost complete isolation from society since 12. Been joining up the dots...
  3. W

    A random reach out before a permanent solution?

    I don't know why I am here..perhaps the conscious mind is attempting to stop the subconscious, I dunno. I am 33 and have always had manic depressive issues, however has always defeated with will power. However, after a recent turn of events, I feel my own demise will become reality very...
  4. A

    Can't Sleep After Coming Of Antipsychotic

    I have been battling with depression and was put on the antipsychotic olanzapine. It worked decently but now that I have come of the medication no longer experiencing depression I can't sleep. Is this typical? I plan to meet with a sleep specialist but I would prefer if I didn't have to take...
  5. cpuusage

    ECT Resources Center

    For Patients, Families, Professionals, Advocates and Researchers ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) involves the application of two electrodes to the head to pass electricity through the brain with the goal of causing an intense seizure or convulsion. The process always damages the brain...
  6. Beergardenweather

    Spending most of your life wishing you weren't here... Then you get cancer ....

    Spending most of your life wishing you weren't here... Then you get cancer .... ... Or something. Total head fuck. I've often wondered how I will react when I get cancer or something equally as life threatening. I've spent all my life wishing I could press the off button, I get very little...
  7. J

    Your BPD story

    I would like to hear your view on borderline personality disorder. Why did you seek help/got help? If you haven't had help, why not? What patterns do you see in you behaviour? What things about your personaliy is typical bpd-traits and what is not? What has changed after the diagnosis...
  8. Kerome

    Mental health week - celebrities speaking out

    There are a few interesting articles in places where you wouldn't normally see mental health content this week. I didn't know Demi Lovato was diagnosed bipolar...although honestly I didn't know who she was before this. Still mental health goes everywhere, and it's good to see it getting some...
  9. standon

    antidepressants blood loss

    Ive recently reduced n changed to a new antidepressant, duloxetine cymbalta. Know its a bit personal but has anyone experienced blood loss before, I noticed slightly yesterday, but lost quite a bit of blood today, I will go to my gp, just wondered if anyone had, I have googled like you do...
  10. C

    drunk or sober?

    Hi all Quick question.. So Wednesday I start my detox. Do I go there sober or half cut?? Thing is if I go sober, they might think I don't need help. And bloody typical it's on my payday, I've usually had a few pints by 10 am! Think I should just have a couple to keep my panics to a minimum...
  11. G

    Honesty and truth

    I told my oldest friend today that I spend my days trying not to x (a typical way to die not involving pills). I ended with a jokey comment. I feel relief. I've felt like this for I think seven years unless manic, and I never tell anyone. I did not do it for help but just honesty. I'm sure...
  12. C

    10 Things you should know about anti psychotics

    Anti-psychotic drugs (also known as neuroleptics and major tranquillisers) are a broad group of drugs routinely used within psychiatric services to treat the psychotic symptoms of schizophrenia. The most common psychotic symptoms are auditory hallucinations (hearing voices that others cannot...
  13. beatrice


    Hi everyone I've just signed up to this so please excuse me if I'm displaying some typical newbie behaviour! :hi: Nice to meet you all :)
  14. calypso

    Why can't people understand?

    I have a man who is in the house. He moves from room to room and whenever I am in a room I can hear him in, he moves. He leers at me in a mask when I am nearly asleep and laughs. I can't sleep as he might attack me. But no-one can hear me. I am angry, very angry and no-one understands. I...
  15. V

    Love sick

    EUPD here. Started seeing a private psychiatrist a few months ago, and among my thoughts of typical emotional despair yadayada, I have begun to grow infatuated with him, to the point where I think I'm in-love. I know it's typical of borderlines to idealise people, but it's just so frustrating...
  16. L


    wondering what the typical dose for anti depressant use is for tramadol.
  17. K

    im so confused

    I am scared, i havent been diagnoised which makes it a hell lot more scary im not even sure if its biopolar im suffering from but all i know is on a day to day basis i have severe mood swings i can feel intensly high and hyperactive where i talk a thousand words per minute and then i might get...
  18. M

    What do you think about when you feel depressed?

    I seem to focus on me, I stand around in a trance like a zombie and tell myself over and over and over what an idiot I am, that I've wasted my life and how I have let people down. Is that typical of someone feeling depressed? or do think about other things too?
  19. firemonkey

    Sudden cardiac death risk elevated with atypical, typical antipsychotics

    Sudden cardiac death risk elevated with atypical, typical antipsychotics Sudden cardiac death risk elevated with atypical, typical antipsychotics http://www.inpsychiatry.com/news/article.aspx?id=80496 This of course is one of the eternal dilemmas of drug therapy deciding when the therapeutic...
  20. Ladyhawk418

    I hate my life

    I just spent about 45 minutes on a post of things I needed to get off my chest and then when I went to post it was gone. So typical of my life. I hate my life, I hate my job, I want it all to go away. Ladyhawk418:(:mad::confused::unsure: