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  1. bulbie

    Manic Hairdressing

    Last year, I had all my hair chopped off during a manic spell. Tonight I am manic. I just gave myself a fringe. WTH is it with me? Why do I go for my hair when I'm manic? I'm kind of wondering how it has turned out though as I've just washed it and have it wrapped in a towel... :scared:
  2. bulbie

    Extracting the urine

    Been turned down for dla - again.
  3. bubbling under

    Just texted my sister after 3 months of not talking...

    she's really poorly..so I've text her to ask how she's doing and if she needs anything. Now I've turned my phone over because I'm scared of getting a reply :cry:
  4. S

    I'm a selfish bitch !!

    I have absolutely no idea what's happened to me, I used to be far from this. I used to be so very selfless before I met my current partner. He let's me get away with murder. Christ,... I really do need to change my attitude, it stinks !! I hate myself right now, I hate myself SO much, what...
  5. H

    Working makes ne ill : not working makes me more depressed!

    Been trying to worl out if I could go and get a job. So many of you here seem to be able to manage to work. I try but when I do I am ok for a few weeks but then I start to lose the plot even when I work part time. My GP seems to think I might be able to work but Pdoc says not yet. I tried...
  6. lulubelle

    DLA advice

    Hi Guys, I applied for DLA a couple of months ago and had my application rejected as it were. I have Bipolar disorder and was wondering if there is anyone who also has Bipolar but did not have their applications rejected. I dont really understand why mines been turned down? Lu xx
  7. M

    Halusinations or paranoia?

    Today I was riding my bike and I turned my head to look left down the road then turned it the other way and I swear I saw a car driving in the opposite direction to me which cause me to brake but then I looked back and there wasn't even anything the same colour of the car just a black fence and...
  8. A

    Stealing my words

    Sometimes people, recently, are having trouble understanding me when I communicate verbally. I think outside forces are stealing every other word from my head to make me look a fool :(. They're the same people are watching me and stopping from going out alone, they've bugged my mobile phone, so...
  9. S

    Mum wont come to my wedding!!!

    My Mum has had bi polar since I was a baby. I am now 21 (going on 22) and during my life Mum has been admitted to hospital 4 times. Usually this is because she thinks she doesn't need the pills anymore. She has never been sick apart from those times however her experiences stick with her. She...
  10. U

    health anxiety =[

    Hi my name is Emma 22yrs old had panic attacks since i was 15 mostly night time ones, grew out of them but when i hit 20 and met my current partner i developed GAD. This lasted a yr or so, i got over this without meds =] hardest time in my life. We had a baby on the 12th of aug this year, within...
  11. R


    hi, I have just registered and activated. it asked me to give the second letter of a word, which I thought was a trick question. so i gave the 3rd letter. turned out it wasn't a trick question after all. happy to have made it through.
  12. 5

    effexor? i'm off of it and have turned into a .......

    i need help. i have just stopped taking effexor rx 75mg a day for 3 years, down to 37.5 mg a day for 1 month and now cold turkey..... i have turned into a raging wet mop. my family is walking on eggshells, i am raging and then so full of remorse that i am then sobbing uncontrollably. is this...
  13. invise

    Dark Thoughs

    Last night I got these really dark racing thoughts when I was trying to sleep, they scared me nearly to death. My head started to get really hot and almost feel like its burning, something I get often. But I could not stop thoughts running through my head. I tried to force myself to think of...
  14. J

    Hi am new would like to give and receive positives.

    Hi, I'm Jacqui 42, and my main problem is anxiety (GAD), but think I may be sufferring from PTSD this year. This year my Dad died, then I was sexually assaulted. My now ex boyfriend didn't take it very well, has turned it round in his head that I just had an affair. Ended up having to call...
  15. S

    Schizophrenia and benefits

    What benefits can a person with schizophrenia get? I'm going to apply for DLA soon.I've applied before and was turned down and didn't appeal.So I have to make a new claim.I cant remember why I was turned down.I threw the letter away. How can I make sure I get what I'm entitled to?
  16. M

    Not PTSD exactly....

    Sorry if this is not the right place to put this...I'll keep a long story short. Basically I was pleged with drink and forced into sex by my bf when I was a young teenager and for ten years since iv found it difficult to get over. I used to get flashbacks but then it turned more into an...