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  1. P

    Bad Habits

    Mine was smoking cigarettes, but when I quit I turned to marijuana. When I had to quit that to get a job (and my doctor drug tests for some of the medication I'm on) I turned to alcohol. We're all dependent on something. What's your bad habit?
  2. albie

    Enhanced Attention Syndrome

    I think I have invented it. And have it. It means I spot coincidences more than most. I see and hear too much. It is the opposite of ADD. It was fun seeing more but now it has turned bad.
  3. W

    First Time User

    Hello I am a worried-mum, unsure of what support I can give my child. He is struggling to motivate himself/go out. He is blaming us (his parents) for the way his life has turned out. I have only recently become aware of his struggles and his fear of failing. Any advice would be very...
  4. S

    New Here, hoping for a better understanding ing

    Hi All, Not sure if I should even be on this or if what I have or think I have or do is enough to warrant being on here so apologies if it’s not. I’ve been suffering with anxiety for a few years, and maybe even OCD but I don’t know if it’s severe enough to be called that, I worry about...
  5. soulsearcher

    CPN - what to expect?

    hey peeps, so im suppose to be finally meeting my cpn for the first time today at 10am, its early quarter to 11 and he still hasnt turned up... so i was just wondering what should i expect to happen?
  6. vanish

    Is it depression or anhedonia?

    I'm confused what has currently come sailing into my brain. I feel flat but instead of crying and feeling sorry for myself, I feel nothing. I decided to go out this afternoon and see a movie with a family member, but instead of feeling sad at the ending, I just sat there drawing a blank emotion...
  7. P

    Am I wrong for beating myself up today?

    Today, I had an encounter with a young street punk who has been harassing me for about a year. Now I have been handling him just fine by confronting him both verbally and physically up til today. Today, I didn't say a thing to him, and he told me keep walking, and I turned around and said why...
  8. Fairy Lucretia

    scar turned funny colour

    i have loads and loads of scars and this has never happened to any of them before it is a bit circle scar and suddenly it has turned purple and black i have had it a few months so i am wondering why this has happened now? x
  9. Lone_wanderer

    Hit a low but dealt with it

    Just a bad low felt suicidal really just wanted to get steaming or stoned but then I remembered what the Buddha said about you not being yyour thoughts and feelings if you were you could not be aware of them and my mind turned inward resting in mindful awareness and the low passed. I felt that...
  10. Fairy Lucretia

    we need to help yellows

    poor yellows MR for ESA has been turned down ,please post here for suggestions we really need to try and help each other when things like this happen i feel so so bad for him/her ,imagine if out benefits were turned down uts even worse when it's ESA as that is main income x
  11. S

    Sometimes I feel distraught

    Sometimes when I turn opportunities down, I end up feeling distraught inside. My Mother suggested that I go help my Dad and brother with the work they are doing on my brother's house. But I turned it down. My excuse was that I need to wait until the medication accumulates in my system more. Wow.
  12. L

    Help needed

    Hi Basically I phoned 111 this morning because I have been really struggling lately. I decided to try and get some help and I phoned for a GP appointment but nothing until Wednesday the 23rd so they told me to phone 111 and I told them what was wrong with me and that I have suicidal thoughts...
  13. R


    I havent self harmed for a few months but i have so many scars and recently I came across this photo with a ton of wounds and part of me started craving it again, like some weird part of me felt it was beautiful and then it gets so hard to break out of that trance. Sometimes I just stare at all...
  14. Fairy Lucretia

    This forum has saved my life x

    the past few years this has been the place i have turned when i needed support and i have received so much THANK YOU EVERYONE XX from my fairy heart xx
  15. H

    Too Real

    Currently, the scenario is reality tv and everyone in my town and even country is in on it. It's some sort hypnotist show, where everyone else knows but you. I see people snickering all the time. Many stare with a half smile. Some seem to take pictures when Im not looking. Others have...
  16. R

    first gp appointment on tuesday about my depression, what actually happens?

    first gp appointment on tuesday about my depression, what actually happens? what actually happens when you talk to your gp about your mental health? I've been writing things down so i have information to share with him about my moods, and experiences, but i feel like if i'm not crying out he...
  17. B

    Hi everyone, applied for ESA and PIP and both turned down !

    Had depression and anxiety all my life, but managed to muddle through ( except getting into deep debt ) Last year was the worst, as I didn't go out of the house for 12 months, and just as I started to feel better my best friend killed himself ! Been so low since march and had to give up...
  18. B


    Hi guys so i have few questions about hallucinations. Do you have them? If so,which ones - visual,auditory,tactile,olfactory or gustatory? Do they bother you or not? What are your expiriences with them...
  19. D

    my cpn hasn't turned up

    My cpn hasn't turned up and apparently is in a meeting. I am beyond frustrated with local cmht. It just seems like they keep you hanging on and on, fobbing you off from therapeutic help because everythings got to be a 'team decision', and just basically monitoring you to make sure you take the...
  20. W

    My evil sister is back....my life will change..

    I have 3 good brothers and 1 mean sister. She moved abroad 6 years ago, but now she is back. I always knew she would return one day, Im so sad that day has arrived :( Im was always her best friend and would do anything for her. She pretended to feel the same. She turned out to be a wolf in...