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  1. S

    Can't sleeeeeeeep

    Bored, awake. Too much time to think. Could somebody switch my brain off pleeeeaase. It'll soon be Tuesday (i know, technically it is already), Tuesday....pretty much a repeat of Monday. Then Wednesday, hmmmmm.... same shit different day. I might go for a walk this week. Go across the downs in...
  2. F

    Fantasizing about binging - HELP!

    ACK! I can't stop thinking about all of the food I haven't allowed myself to eat in the last few months. It's driving me mad. It's gotten to the point of mental preparation for a binge/purge. I work at home, and on Tuesday I will be here all day alone. I can't let this happen. I just wish I...
  3. S

    Ranbaxy citalopram

    Good evening everyone. I'm sure there are many forum members using citalopram, as I have done, with some success. It was prescribed to me just over a year ago, and, after an initial period of feeling bewildered and a little lost (not unusual, I'm told) it has been a great help to me. Since last...
  4. G

    it's starting again

    Argggghhhhhhhhhh, i was doing so well not even a single thought of shing, until tuesday. I am off sick from work at the moment and had meeting on tuesday at work about it. there was hr my boss and unison with me at the meeting. At the meeting, it seemed i got the blame for everything that...
  5. E

    what to expect in first counceling session?

    I start next tuesday. What will happen?
  6. H

    Let it stop hurting please

    Ok, i am here in hospital. It is my own fault. I acted on my semi planned semi impulsive thoughts. Planned because the seed was planted ages ago. Impulsive because i didnt know i was going to do it monday while sitting at a quiet bus stop. I want to be home. I want to be with my girls. I want so...
  7. J

    Hi been feeling really low

    Over this weekend I have been feeling really low. I have been out a lot drinking with mates as been feeling a lot better. I have noticed I have become very angry and am losing friends because of this. Im not sure why this has happened. I am also going in on tuesday for my operation on my ankle...
  8. Lolli_Liability

    Its all too much now

    Im off guys, and i love you all . Bags are packed cause im meant to be going home shortly but i cant . More to the point i cannot face the funneral tuesday So im outa here take care
  9. J


    hi still here, having mental probs at mo, it is either racing or dissociation, reacting bad to it by self harming. see gp on tuesday ,subject to appointment, at her request. going downhill at mo it is shit and when will it end
  10. F

    No Luck

    Well i received my referral appt this morning and it said Tuesday 8th. I went to the GP anyway and she was fab! She said it was great that i was fighting for my right to be treated and phoned them directly, she put them on speaker phone and exaggerated a little but they wouldn't budge. I then...
  11. MadMood


    Hi eveyone I've just quit my useless psychotherapy course after two years. I recently cut my wrists and overdosed but all they did was accuse me of letting them down. I'm going to see my GP on Tuesday but am terrified he will do nothing. Getting to the point, are there any good DBT courses over...
  12. Pixie37

    Can someone help me please

    I've been awake since 2am. I am getting terrible frightening thoughts and they are really strong. I don't what else to do but reach out for help here. I got these thoughts on Tuesday too. I know i have to tell my nurse but i'm scared too.
  13. T

    What a difference a day makes..........

    Tuesday I felt terrible, I was contemplating suicide for some reason, and was organinsing myself for taking off somewhere. Wed i felt a bit better. Altho I slept from 1pm till 10am next day. Today I'm happy as hell. I just don't understand it. It is mad! Went to the pics with my hubby and...
  14. lulubelle

    funny old week

    Hey guys, Not often I really get to put something positive up, its usually some rant about my babys difficult father:mad:! How shit my pdoc is:mad:, how I hate taking meds:mad:. But this week has been a funny old week, after weeks of very high and stupid behavior (I wont bore you with the...
  15. bubbling under

    Feeling shit about being honest with my boss

    My boss asked if we could have a chat about the nannyshare we're meant to be starting after xmas. I'm currently caring for a 2yr old and an 8 month old from 7.30-6pm five days a week. For a few tuesdays I've been looking after a 5 month old as well, so basically 3 children every tuesday. This...
  16. trombone_babe


    Hi folks, I put this thread in the depression forum but as Depakote is mostly a med for bipolar (so I understand) and I've not had any replies I though I'd post it on here even though I'm not bipolar, I suffer from depression and anxiety. Is anyone out there on Depakote? Had my first...
  17. bubbling under

    If anyone could posibly talk to me i'd really appreciate it

    My coping skills are very low, and it's been a very hard few weeks. I thought I was kind of doing ok and have been 'masked up' most of the time. But well Im not, and tbh I don't really know what to do right now. We only buried my cousin on tuesday. I'm in a bit of a hole really
  18. A

    Lunatic London

  19. C

    Has anyone attended the drop in sessions at MIND?

    Has anyone been to attend MIND drop-in? I'm seriously thinking of going soon, possibly tuesday or thursday evening. Very nervous about going, does anyone want to come with me?