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  1. D

    Given up - The hypocrisy of people

    Hi all, Long story short; I've had mental health issues all my life, in and out of CAMHS from about 8 years old. When I was 21 I got diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety and put on meds. My doctor helped me off meds just as I moved country to a new job then 6 months later I was put off work...
  2. V

    Trying to separate from depressed partner

    I tried really hard for 5 yrs to cope with my partner's depression and alcoholism but my health was suffering and things weren't improving. We are living apart now but he's in touch by phone and text continually. He is not coping well and I regret that. Tonight he's drinking and I'm waiting for...
  3. S

    So angry and upset right now

    I'm so angry now and can't stop crying. I had an appointment with the psychologist today. My care coordinator told me this is when I'd start seeing the psychologist on a weekly basis (after already waiting over 3 months) and now I'm told by the psychologist it's only an assessment and I'll need...
  4. Lincoln1990

    Here we are again

    My family is out of town until Monday or Tuesday (it's currently Friday evening). I've been very low. And I was reading someone say stuff about college/university and I'm never going to get my degree. Every year around July-October I have an "episode" where I want to go to the hospital (even...
  5. Lincoln1990

    Break from therapy?

    She wants me to take a break from therapy. We are discussing it on Tuesday. I NEED therapy. I know I do. I'm just so scared if I stop therapy it'll be so much worse. I don't want to stop. I feel I can't stop. I'm so low and this is making me worse.
  6. Lincoln1990

    They're leaving town!!!

    My family is leaving on Thursday and won't be back until Monday or Tuesday. I'm going up on Saturday and staying until Sunday. But I can't leave my dogs that long. I'm scared. I know to lock my door. I know not to open the door to strangers. I'm just very scared. I'm also going to be camping...
  7. F

    I've been away for a while...

    It's been an interesting week. I haven't been on here for close to a week compared to being on most nights. I think I jinxed It the other day when I told someone I recently started to realise more that I didn't want to die even though I sometimes still felt like it. Basically I have anxiety and...
  8. Lincoln1990

    I'm an IDIOT

    I haven't left the house for quite some time (I think last time I left the house was when I went to therapy on Tuesday). I have no motivation to do anything, except for B&P. I hadn't had soda for weeks until today I caved. My windows and mirrors are covered because I feel someone wants me dead...
  9. M

    Not sleeping-1am and can't switch off...

    My eyes are stinging its 1am and I can't sleep. Can't take any meds to help me sleep as I've got my daughter to look after tomorrow. Tortured myself tonight looking at people's perfect lives on Facebook. Reached out to a few people today in order to catch up but feeling vvv alone. Seeing pdoc...
  10. MoonPrincess

    Psychology assessment on Tuesday, need advice (I'm from the UK)

    I'm going for an hour + 45min psychology assessment on Tuesday and I'm just looking for some advice. Basically I was diagnosed last year with clinical depression by a psychiatrist. She referred me to a psychologist and now, months later, I finally have an appointment. I'm not sure why I need...
  11. Lincoln1990


    We are under a flood warning until Tuesday. The river is already flooding. I hope it doesn't get as bad as 2011, but I'm scared it will be. I didn't know where to put this. But this is affecting my well being.
  12. C

    i guess a and e is in order for tuesday

    Hmmff i suppose a and e is in order for Tuesday for 2 different problems problem 1 is i now have 2 wounds that need fixing -..- the joy but it also felt right at the moment by dulling the world and its pain. problem 2 is to actually admit i need help again and HOPEFULLY note how i said...
  13. prairiechick

    Why do I crash every week end?

    I just don't know why I crash every week end. I do absolutely nothing. I sleep in, watch CSI DVDs, eat crap, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and then on Tuesday I go back to work and I'm fine. Sort of.
  14. L

    Erm just want a bit of advice re: phenergan taken to help aid sleep whilst on 160mg propranolol

    Erm just want a bit of advice re: phenergan taken to help aid sleep whilst on 160mg propranolol I suppose I've said it in then title really, I'd like to know if any1 has felt any effects the following day. I haven'tbeen taking phenergan for long, had 1 tablet early on monday night and felt...
  15. Maloo

    I am just to unsure

    I just dont know how to get past this feeling in my stomach, its like empty, ive started to eat more, feeling a bit better about it, but still not eating enough. im constantly nervous, looking over my shoulder, the voices are getting stronger, i find at times im hiding at the end of my bed, and...
  16. Lincoln1990

    Am I too blame?

    Was I to blame for the bad thing that happened Tuesday? They tell me I am. My alters/voices tell me I am.
  17. Lincoln1990

    I'm livid

    I'm absolutely livid. I was supposed to have therapy on Monday like I do every week. But it's on Tuesday. I've got to go through this for three more days without telling her. I'm angry. :scared::panic::help:
  18. mrlaurel

    hows everyone doing?

    with the crimbo madness underway and the meltdowns round the corder how are you doing? after a really bad Tuesday I am picked up in my mood saw my shrinky bloke today so aired my feelings which helped.. I'm scoring about 5.5 on the old ogden ometer so I am OK, have to face the Merry Hill...
  19. E

    Hi. I'm new.

    Hi there. I am 35 and live in the beautiful channel island of Guernsey. At the moment I'm off work after the biggest depression dip I've ever had. Two different sets of anti-depressants so far and both not worked really. I have my first psychiatrist appointment next Tuesday which I'm a bit...
  20. J

    Help for a stranger to mental health but so willing to learn

    I have a 23 old son who I recognise with mental health issues. He had agreed with me to go to the doctors with him on Friday. His work have been not helpful but then neither has his behaviour - they want to meet with him on Tuesday. I don't care about his job I just want him to get the help...