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  1. N

    Very Much Better

    Hi all, I am now at long last very much better in terms of irritiblity! Now that the heavy wet weather has since long veered off, I am my calmer and relaxed self again. I shall be resuming cross stitching needlework design, and combined with listening to music, this evening and onwards...
  2. brokenalex

    Self harm and a&e

    Since August I've been in a&e about 1-2 times a week and getting about 20 stitches each times so it has been necessary for me to actually go into a&e. I've also had several overdose last one on Sunday and since then I've been in a&e on Tuesday because of a complication from the overdose but now...
  3. S

    Going to reduce my dose this Tuesday

    Something my pdoc will disagree with but its time to start reducing my dose. I'll be reducing depixol injection from 40mg to 30mg, it's every 2 weeks.
  4. H

    appt with different person than expecting.

    during a primary mental health team screening or something like that,a nurse i saw about a month ago was suppose to be talking to a pdoc about my medication i think and getting back to me, have not heard anything. then i seen my gp 2 weeks ago and he said he would arrange a telephone appt with...
  5. Empty

    New day for going outside

    SO anybody that has been following my situation will know Tuesday just gone was going to be my first time going outside in a year. it got cancelled and this got me really depressed. new date set... next Friday.. so I should be happy I got a new date set... nope. now I get to agonise myself for a...
  6. Empty

    I just took the first step!

    I did it! I said it! I so nearly didn't, I feel so scared right now... but I feel like the weight of a bus has just be taken off my shoulders, I'm depressed in a really bad in stressed anxious but.... happy? I told my mental health worker I want to go outside... I haven't left my house in a...
  7. M

    Pressure from work.

    Long story short. I've been off sick from work since the start of July. Had a work meeting on Friday where I was told to go back Tuesday or lose my job but I am currently on a two week sick note. Can they fire me if I wait till the sick note is up because I've been told straight that I'm not...
  8. H

    Hello again,

    My last post was all about saying goodbye to mental ill health and celebrating this liberation. So, I dropped out of my CMHT services and headed for a new start. I really felt stronger and in control. I shut off my phone because I could not let anyone in when I was in such a determined state...
  9. B

    Feel so numb inside

    Feel so numb its been 4 weeks since my nan passed and I can't talk about her if my husband tries to talk to me about her and how I'm feeling I just change the subject I was suppose to see my psychiatrist on the 3rd and she had to rearrange till next month it will be 5 months since I last saw...
  10. S


    Got pissed Tuesday night and apparently made a scene in the bar, although I don't remember. But my mate went off on one as I said something like 'Everytime I say something about my bf you stick up for him'..and because of my bpd and emotions out of control I took an overdose and ended up in...
  11. RainbowHeartz

    WHY is this always the case

    when you need mht they are not available for 9 months of waiting for police investigations i had 3 different cpns the current is new then this week i find out the verdict where the fuck was my cpn last week? she is going to arrange appointment on tuesday so does that mean another week...
  12. EllieThade

    Help - I have an urge to si

    I self harmed yesterday (twice). I don't see my therapist until Tuesday. He knows but says "we'll talk on Tuesday." I need to do it again. Help me! Ellie
  13. N

    He's trying to leave me or what ?

    Hey! My name is Jessica Been reading here for pretty long and it has helped me a lot. Now I'm hoping you guys can help me out again with my first post. I decided to try online dating and found an amazing man living in another city 45 min away from me. We've been speaking for about a month and...
  14. fazza

    Depot pain. Can the hit nerves in the back area

    I had my usual depot on tuesday and now I can hardly walk. The pain is from the injection site down to my knee. I am worried that my c.p.n has hit a nerve. Nothing I take will take the pain away.
  15. Agama

    Jaw surgery

    I'm anorexic - I just came from app with dental team. I will require my 4 wisdom teeth being removed and double jaw surgery and some braces. Shall I text my ED clinician today about it as they have a MDT meeting on Tuesday and then I have my app later in the week. Shall I just text her or tell...
  16. B


    Hi I am really struggling at the min so much is going on I ended up taking it out on my self and SH. I have taken care of the wounds. I need to vent so here goes. I hate Father's Day after losing my dad when I was 9 which is 21 years this year but have to still make it special for my son for...
  17. A

    Help I can't cope

    Hi I'm really struggling today. My husband left on Tuesday because he's depressed and I feel awful. I'm devastated. I want to help him but I know only he can fix himself. I want him home. I feel so desperate and don't know how to make myself feel better .
  18. G

    Psych wArd

    Hi guys just to let everyone know I'm in a psych ward since Saturday gone so a week already , they upped all meds again and will c how I am on Tuesday,ther is no internet in hospital but I am home for a few hours for my daughters bday and thought I wud drop everyone a line. Hope I will be out on...
  19. D

    Mouth sore and swollen gum

    I know it's a bit off topic, but I don't have anyone else to ask... On Monday I developed a mouth sore on the inside of my cheek, its red around the edges and white in the middle. Yesterday (Tuesday) throughout the day the back of my gum on one side of my face started to swell up, it's the...
  20. tigerfish

    Without meds!!

    I spent 2 days in the cardiac unit a couple of weekends ago after quite a serious OD, my GP Then asked to see me! So I saw her Tuesday just gone! Between the GP and my support worker, it was decided that I would be on daily scripts after I had finished my Doset box, but I told a little white lie...