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  1. G

    Mental health news this week

    Mind Management Newsletter : December 2018 - Mind Management December Newsletter 2018 National Survivor User Network NSUN) Bulletin - Tuesday 8 January - https://www.nsun.org.uk/Handlers/Download.ashx?IDMF=993888e2-60b4-4869-afd8-8e63c2c8957f Birmingham Mental Health Mates Meet-Up - by...
  2. boudreauj4

    The lottery

    The Mega Millions Lottery in the U.S. is up to 1.6 billion dollars. It's only two dollars for a ticket. I think I might buy one, and as they say here in all the TV advertisements....."Hey, you never know....." Please wish me well that I might become a billionaire on Tuesday at precisely...
  3. W

    Does anyone really care?

    In April this year, I had a "breakdown" and felt rather suicidal. My wife contacted my parents and alot came out over the two days. It's not something that happened overnight, it's been there for years, some days are better than others but I've been on a downward slope for months, self harming...
  4. Zardos

    Its Been A Bad Week

    I had to come off codeine this week.. Plus I've been trying to come off sugar because I'm too fat.. So I've felt like shit all week.. And its not really getting any better i can't sit still or concentrate.. i just feel soo ill... Got some bad times coming up.. Got to get my prescription on...
  5. C

    New psych, new sleep meds, now manic!!

    I saw a new psychiatrist this past Tuesday because my previous one never resolved my insomnia since 2013. And I'm tired. My new doc prescribed seroquel 200mg ER to be taken at 6 pm. Being exhausted it worked great the first two nights but I was a bit sleepy during the day. Tonight.... it's...
  6. N

    Leg/Sinuses adn irritilbility Health conditons/Fitness Class North West of London

    Leg/Sinuses adn irritilbility Health conditons/Fitness Class North West of London Hi Folks, Though I have now bouncing back, from my sinuses at the moment and also my leg, I'll decide this evening, and tomorrow morning, If I attend the fitness grouip on Tuesday. Weather wise, I have my...
  7. N

    Anxiety - Mother (no not her, me)

    HI all, I have been feeling too much anxiety as of recently, regarding what with mum's leg, and the fact that the MRI Scan couldn't be carried out, due to bad administrative organisation on the part of the referral doctor. And, I'm sure at the moment, I have been beginning to feel, fast...
  8. C

    What would some of you think of this???

    I got this text from my girlfriend. What would you think of this? Her child was having all their wisdom teeth removed. She called me at work to tell me when the appointment was the following week. "I'm gonna take Tuesday off and take her she said, should I take Wednesday off too?" I said yes...
  9. G

    Mental health news this week 14-4-2017

    One in four young women suffer from anxiety or depression, according to official Government figures. Read more at: 'Intense pressure' causing anxiety and depression in young women - The i newspaper online iNews The number of adults with mental health problems forced to travel for treatment...
  10. G

    Mental health news this week

    Disability benefits should go to "really disabled people" not those "taking pills at home, who suffer from anxiety", a key Theresa May aide says. No 10 policy unit head George Freeman said personal independence payments (PIP) reforms were needed to roll back the "bizarre" decisions of tribunals...
  11. G

    Mental health news this week

    Two young men who murdered Brendan Mason were given life sentences. Joshua Hack and Keith Lowe lured 23-year-old Brendan Mason to Leicester's Abbey Park before beating him, stripping him naked and leaving him for dead while they wandered off to eat at McDonald's. Judge - "Brendan Mason was only...
  12. G

    Mental health news this week

    A father has died after allegedly being restrained by three members of staff at a Pontins camp following a fight with another parent. Paul Gladwell, 38, grappled with another man at the Pontins camp in Pakefield near Lowestoft, Suffolk, following a row over another child bullying his son. This...
  13. G

    Mental health news this week

    A mentally ill teenager who zigzagged through Russell Square in central London stabbing random strangers has admitted killing an American tourist and injuring five others. Zakaria Bulhan, 19, killed Darlene Horton, 64, a retired special needs teacher, and injured other holidaymakers and...
  14. G

    Mental health news this week

    Man detained under Mental Health Act after armed police called to reports of suspect with firearm outside primary school in Greater Manchester - Man detained under Mental Health Act after armed police called to reports of suspect with firearm outside primary school - Mirror Online Knife...
  15. G

    Mental health news this week

    More than half of people with mental health problems receive a “double whammy” of poor care in general hospitals which increases patients’ risk of dying, according to a major new NHS inquiry - Mentally ill patients face 'double whammy' of poor hospital care | Society | The Guardian Liberal...
  16. A

    new partner could have depression.

    Hi, I started a relationship with my boyfriend in October, and things started to move very quickly. He was staying with me everyday and we decided that due to this it would be best to move in after Christmas .In the three or so weeks he has lived with me he has seemed very happy. As with any...
  17. M

    Panic attacks then migraine?

    I had a panic attack then this past Friday and on Tuesday, both of them were followed by a migraine or migraine symptoms. Any else suffer from this as well?
  18. C


    Hi all. Hope everyone's well? My question today. So my 'online gp' from babylon (brilliant doctors but you gotta pay!) decided to put me on venlafaxine. Anyone any experience good or bad of taking this? I can't get my script til maybe tuesday. Just wanna know what people think? I'm changing...
  19. natasha244

    Scared about GP appointment tomorrow

    Hi so I've been struggling for a while with my mood - it's getting gradually lower and lower. I take my meds every night and I practice my DBT skills but the urges get too overwhelming. My sleep is really bad so I have Zopiclone which I only ever take as an absolute last resort. Now I'm getting...
  20. FrozenOtter

    Getting sectioned

    Hi, I'm wondering if someone could help, my mental health team want me to have a blood test because of my eating disorder but I'm refusing to have one. I live in my own place and I'm in the community. When my CPN came out on Tuesday he said to me "do I need to section you to make you have the...