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  1. little rose

    trauma depressed

    really depressed today i tried so hard what for to sit here suffering feel so mentally unwell keep having panicky feelings even though i tried to be nice to myself even though i done nice things for myself like exercise walking outside having a bath being kind to myself.. to now sit here cryin...
  2. little rose


    Distressed with this life upset going to bed cryin like i havent suffered enough today or in life i don t want to go to bed feeling like this i don t want to keep tryin and tryin fed up oe this :'(
  3. little rose


    in my bedroom crying feel like im being tested i cant keep trying and tryin im sick of hurting been hurting all day why is life doing this to me i dont understand
  4. H


    Does anyone know of any support groups for women in the dudley area I feel like im goin round in circles tryin to find one.
  5. unfixable36

    Ambien sux!!

    I took 3 10mg of ambien tryin to sleep been up 48hrs but it didn't work. So I had hallucinations all night ..like ppl in tv were talking to me and I kept seeing lil kids walk in and out of my bedroom and I dnt have lil kids. I so do not enjoy hallucinating never takin that shit again.
  6. bobshocker

    From calypso - Now is the time to pay the piper.

    We all benefitted. Now she's in pain. 'an now we all hurting. We all knew 'bout her bipolar, we all knew 'bout her love, her one, her star, her sanity. We heard about him, his love of the drink, an' her fears, her tears. His illness was worse than hers, but love affair spanned eternity...
  7. ABsea


    Does it ever come like it used to? How long do you go without sleep? What sort of effects does it have on you? It makes me hyper. You know, that feeling when your so tired that your not? Kind of like when your so sad you start to laugh cause crying for hours didn't work.. Or when you get so hot...
  8. mattyj75

    Dreading tryin to sleep tonight.

    Anyone have any suggestions to calm me down? :(
  9. L

    why am i tryin so hard.

    aaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh. im very tired and so sick of tryin so hard to get my life back to some form of normallity. every single time i attempt to do something there seems to be a stumbleing block put in my way testing me. maybe i shud stop tryin, a least i wont feel as bad...
  10. M

    there all after me

    there chasing me everywhere there jumping in front me i can,t move there trying touch me especially when i try sleep if there trying get inside me head tryin control me when i resist they just laugh me gods after me bein chased by the devil bloody hell feel like jesus on the cross am i complety...