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  1. Prismere

    Question About Treatment, Sort Of

    Would any of you trust a physician assistant to prescribe you meds? I was in a partial hospitalization program and the psychiatrist there prescribed me Seroquel. Now that I'm out I was set up to see a physician assistant to continue my medication treatment but I really do not trust them treating...
  2. M

    Get medical help...

    ...seems to be the stock response from most people the moment you utter the words depression or anxiety. Medication aside... if you cannot trust people, and have pushed away those closest to you including family and friends as a result of severe depression, how can you place your undivided...
  3. A


    How do I know if I have DID? 0. I have a really good T. I really like and trust her. She says to be patient with myself.
  4. F

    Has anyone had anything like this happen?

    As far as I was concerned my dx was paranoid PD as on official correspondence that was what it said. However at my recent appointment the pdoc asked what I thought of my diagnosis. I said I didn't think paranoid PD was a good fit. He said that what he'd received from my old trust was that it...
  5. T

    Medication and seasons

    I am seeking advice from others with seasonal bipolar or depression who take a mood stabilizer, or anyone with knowledge about this. Do you have dosage changes as the season changes? I am not doing well and am bridesmaid in December which i need to be well for. This Autumn has knocked me to...
  6. C

    Back To The Darkness I Go...

    I'm in too deep Pressure building Only way out Fire I have to make a fire And watch the flames My troubles go up with the smoke The embers The beautiful embers Still glowing Reminding me that the fire is out And my troubles are still here The only way out Fire... Neverending loop Always...
  7. F

    No voice hearers in Torbay, Devon

    The group was shut down by the MH trust. Pretty much indicative of Devon all over health wise.
  8. mami5


    What do you do if you have no faith or trust....and are totally scared of your CMHT? How do you work with them? :cry2:
  9. L

    Feel like everyone's my enemy

    Hi all :) I'm a 20 year old bloke. Since my early teens I have been highly mistrustful of people. Growing older I seem to have become more cynical and more misanthropic than I'd like to be. I can't seem to shake the idea that people are inherently self-serving and selfish. I have friends who...
  10. AliceinWonderland

    17 Mental Health Symptoms That Stem From Complex Trauma

    17 Mental Health Symptoms That Stem From Complex Trauma | The Mighty I thought this was a very helpful article, I could relate to a lot of the 'symptoms' people describe. Especially no. 2 shame, no. 13 difficulty allowing myself happiness and putting others' interests before mine to an...
  11. T

    I don’t know what to do or feel

    Hi, I am very new to this and don’t really know how to explain what is up with me but it seems like my glass is always half empty. I have negative thoughts about absolutely everything, for example, my ex girlfriend told me about a holiday she had 5 years ago and i automatically thought she had...
  12. C

    Can I stay friends with BPD husband if we end it?

    My husband and I have been together 10 years on and off. I have come to see that the times that led to us splitting up were based around issues caused by his BPD. Mainly lying and drinking. We are back at a point of splitting up, I want to be done. I can not be in a relationship when the trust...
  13. 9

    Long distance relationship

    First of all thank you for taking the time to read this, not sure how to start I’ve been experiencing depressive episodes since several years now. At times I feel better but then when things don’t go well I feel overwhelmed and I just break down, it’s like all is intensified. I have low self...
  14. P

    I have best friends but I cant talk about my MH. feelings of isolation and trust issues.

    I have best friends but I cant talk about my MH. feelings of isolation and trust issues. Hello, I guess I am at a loss as I was worried about posting this. I have 2 best friends and I feel I am always there for them but when it comes to my MH they aren't there for me. one of them doesn't get...
  15. The Owl


    Sorry I cant make this a long post. I am to emotional. I don't want to be on here but feel so alone right now. I'll add more when I feel able. I am male and lost. Looking for answers,:sorry: and friends I can trust.
  16. 1

    I dont know. Trust and other stuff

    So Ive had my usual appointment with my cpn today. Not been having a great time anyway so the first thing id said was "can we not today please". Past week or so we've been hitting on some heavy stuff for me and im not taking things too well. So much so ive been having two appointments a week...
  17. I

    Do You Trust Your Psychiatrist?

    I hope I'm posting this in the right place. But do any of you trust your psychiatrist? I don't trust mine. I'm always terrified they'll say something about me to get me kicked off my benefits. Or I'm afraid they'll lock me in a mental institution against my will. I'm afraid they judge me and...
  18. I

    Please Pray For Me

    Hello all you spiritual people. I was wondering if any on you would please pray that things work out between my new psychiatrist and I? I am terrified about seeing her. I have had terrible experiences with my last two psychiatrists. I just can't trust them. They made me worse. This will be my...
  19. Fairy Lucretia


    get into a relationship with me im like a child im difficult and completely messed up when it comes to emotions needy difficult awkward dependent want my own way am constantly suicidal when in a relationship (only been in one) because i can't handle it oh god nobody out there ever wants to be...
  20. Groot

    BPD, Isolation and Trust

    I ruined a friendship not long ago. Got pushy and mean. Feeling pretty lousy about it, but I'm such a stubborn SOB I won't back down or admit my true feelings. I've been alone a very long time. Almost no social contact or activities. This has taken a very heavy toll on my mind. Not much better...