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trust issues

  1. elliepaige20

    My best friend and boyfriend betrayed me...and now I'm all alone.

    Hi Everyone, this is my first time using a forum so I'm hoping I can get some advice for coping with loneliness? For almost two years, I've had a boyfriend who for the purpose of this forum we will call James. Since meeting him at the end of 2016, things were absolutely perfect; he was always...
  2. C

    Reaching crisis point

    Hi everyone, I'm 26 from the UK. I'm having a hard time dealing with my emotions lately, I have suffered with anxiety and depression for awhile but it has become more frequent over the past 2 years or so. I believe two of the main reason for it becoming more prominent, are my long term...
  3. B

    Partner going on vacation.

    My partner is due to go on vacation in a week and I'm so incredibly anxious about it. I suppose I'm worried he may cheat. He's never cheated on me before but I would say I don't trust him 100%. It's causing me terrible anxiety which is making me believe he will cheat. I then get upset and...
  4. R

    hi guys...newbie here....

    im after some advice. erm... ive had a really stressful time recently...new full time job, ditched the long term partner, ongoing police investigation, gym 5x a week... anyway first week of June this year i had a mate round and we were just talking (i cant remember what about) and i remember...
  5. ellieindy

    Dating Advice: Trust Issues

    Hi all, I hope this is okay to post here. I'm not officially diagnosed with BPD so I feel a bit like I'm intruding posting here, but I've done research on the disorder and it resonates with me a lot. I'm also going to start DBT treatment soon, and raise it with my psychiatrist that I think I...
  6. T

    Terrified of being left and self-loathing

    Hi, my name is Tyler and I haven't really experienced this before. I'm new to this site, so I apologize if this is not the right place to ask. Anyway, up until January this year, I haven't had an actual, proper friend. The ones I've had in the past have treated me poorly and I never felt I...