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  1. cpuusage

    True forgiveness is recognizing there is nothing to forgive.

    True Forgiveness is Recognizing there is nothing to Forgive. http://johngroberg.com/true-forgiveness-seeing-there-is-nothing-to-forgive/ 3 Unconventional Tips for Forgiving and Letting Go
  2. chesterking

    What's the point of evil?

    Why is there evil in the world? What is the point of it? My father says you need evil to see what good is, you can not have one without the other? Is this true? What do you people think? I personally think, there is no need for evil in the world. There is no point of it.
  3. confusedwanderwaffle

    Drugs online

    I heard the other day it is illegal to buy prescription drugs offline true?? or false
  4. chesterking

    What percentage do people think of how much I tell them is true?

    It would be interesting to know what percentage people think of what I say is true? This is for the thread Diary of chesterking, and the other threads as well. So that will be 0% true, 25% true, 50% true, 75% true or 100% true. http://www.mentalhealthforum.net/forum/thread105060.html
  5. chesterking

    Poll: How much do people believe in what I say?

    It would be interesting to know how much of what I say people believe is true or partially true?
  6. B

    is this just anxiety?

    Can anxiety lead me to go eventually go crazy and lose control? Petrified this is where I'm heading, anyone else experience this fear? My mum suffers from schizophrenia and even tho my doctor told me it is very unlikely I will get it and I just have an anxiety disorder, I'm not convinced. Is...
  7. Fairy Lucretia

    so jealous

    of my only real life friend i know that its not true the grass is always greener but she has everything i want and i have nothing :low:
  8. prairiechick

    I don't want to be an adult

    Even when I was a child I didn't want to grow up. Being grown up seemed too scary to me. And it's turned out to be true. I just want to be a child who is loved and taken care of.
  9. prairiechick

    Do you know who you are?

    Do you know who you are at the core of your being? Do you have a sense of being connected to your true self? I would have to answer "no" to both these questions.
  10. Lincoln1990

    People want me dead

    'Tis true. Everyone wants me dead. Everyone needs me dead.
  11. I

    I want a voice that talks with me seperate to my thoughts

    How can I do this? I have been really looking forward to something like this as it will be true friendship and we can always talk :)
  12. cpuusage

    Beyond belief

    Beyond belief We realize that life is ugly, painful, sorrowful; we want some kind of theory, some kind of speculation or satisfaction, some kind of doctrine, which will explain all this, and so we are caught in explanation, in words, in theories, and gradually, beliefs become deeply rooted and...
  13. Lincoln1990


    I want to get off of caffeine. Sue says that it exacerbates anxiety. Is this true? I don't drink soda but I do drink tea...
  14. RainbowHeartz

    advice please

    any ideas on how to confront someone having an affair with my mum? cuz i thought i would start by saying is it true you have found someone else, i wont get angry i just want to know the truth....
  15. B

    Over time do you only remember the good things?

    If a good thing came to an end but ended in not the best possible way, is it true that after a while you only remember the good times when that person made you smile, laugh etc
  16. BillFish

    Going to tell him I'm a schizophrenic :)

    Got a friend of the family who is a builder coming to do a job on the house in a minute. He thinks am a classic bad back syndrome guy, told him I injured my back parachuting when he asked me what I do for a living. In fact I tell everybody that because it's technically true. I'll tell him I'm...
  17. amathus

    How true is this?

    It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not. (Author Unknown) amathus.
  18. KnightWolf

    Worst "Dream" ever...

    I did not know where to post this, so I hope this spot is fine, I do not want to go into details, it felt all too real, and I hope I never EVER have anything like that again...It was so frightening, I just wanted to let it out somewhere, and hope you all can understand why I do not want to go...
  19. anouska

    Food being posioned

    Paranoia? I don't know. In some cases poisoning could be true can't it? I don't fear my partner doing this to me, I fear food companies, (the food we buy).
  20. krista

    Grrrr, life isn't that great

    I don't know what to do. I feel so bad. I had this great trip planned. And then I just... Couldn't any more. I ran away. I always do this. I run away. Now everyone thinks that I am shit. I am useless. And i ruin everything. I can't cope any more. I can't go on like this. Someone on MHF said...