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  1. H

    I feel like a failure at everything.

    My name is H. I'm a 40 year old mother and I can say I think being a mom is the one thing, the only thing I have ever done right. I love my kids and think I'm doing a pretty good job of raising them. I live with a great husband, who loves us more than anything. I feel like I'm caught up in...
  2. C

    feels like i have no 'true' personality, everything feels performative

    I never feel like I have any sort of true personality. Whenever others are around, I run on this form of auto-pilot for whatever seems to work best for that situation. I feel like when I am in that auto-pilot, Im not in control of who I am and what I want to truely say or do. I dont get spaced...
  3. T

    What's my problem??? HELP FASSST

    I've searched for the awnser in the entire internet but found nothing: Since the last month my mind is forcing me to believe that my personality is fake, it can change any time, that there is something wrong with me.. i also have been feeling like i'm becoming more like people that i don't like...
  4. K

    Lingering psychosis symptoms

    I have been taking lamotrigine to treat bipolar disorder for a while now and it has helped tremendously. Before this, I went through delusions where I suddenly developed fake memories of people I know in reality and believed I could communicate telepathically through those memories. Despite...
  5. InfiniteRectangles

    A Poem I Wrote

    So, I wrote this sorta uplifting poem, and I thought I'd share it here in case someone needs to hear its message. It's probably my favorite poem I've written. It's called "If Every Creature Ceased to Know Their Worth" I posted it in the Member's Gallery but I feel like more people might see it...
  6. cinary

    Just need to tell someone I think

    Hello everyone 🙂 I guess I just need to tell someone. I don't know what to do. For the last few years the urge to self harm was bigger and bigger and I managed to deal with it, but I don't know what to do anymore. I guess part of the urge to do it is a need to have a physical proof of how bad...
  7. Soul_Deeps

    Do real friendships exist?

    I don't know, I never had real friends, even if there were people who didn't hate me, they didn't want to have something to do with me. Even if there were people who were fine with talking to me sometimes or meeting me sometimes (very rare), I always felt like there were giant emotional...
  8. mami5

    Real or paranoia?

    How do you tell the difference? How do you know what is real and what is paranoia .......unless someone tells you....and do you necessarily believe them? How long does your paranoia usually last? So confused. No idea what to believe. What is true and real and what is not.
  9. B

    Ready to die :(

    I have nothing to live for :( EVERYONE i EVER cared about lied to me and abandoned me :( my ONLY dream will never come true :( I'm ready to die :( Goodbye forever :(
  10. angry butterfly


    I miss them.
  11. albie

    My Only Dream Is death

    I'm not sure it is depression so much. More that I have seen through the illusion of life. People have dreams that are achievable. These dreams are really not worth having. Some have dreams that will never come true. The dreams are not really worth having. Isn't it better if we just didn't...
  12. angry butterfly

    I dont want it to be true.

    No no no no no, please someone make it be a bad dream...its not real, it cant be. What am i to do? I feel so alone. I miss them so much. I want to be with them. They cant come to me, i want to go to them.
  13. Kerome

    Right speech, spirituality and the internet

    I just wanted to talk a little about a sutra of the Buddha which was about right speech. I’ve been wondering for a while what makes a good internet community, after observing some of the behaviour that goes on with modern Osho sannyasins... they bicker and fight and make snide comments, I just...
  14. O

    Is it possible to be genuine friends with someone who has BPD?

    Hello all! this is my first time posting and I am here because I do not know who else to ask or where to obtain this information and I would greatly appreciate any and all advice you think will help:) I myself do not have BPD but after becoming extremely close with my friend ( I will call her...
  15. D

    My Obsession with Dr. Peter Breggin

    Hi all, I'm going through very difficult times right now and just don't know what to do anymore. I will try to explain my best, so here's what happened. I was taking medication for my anxiety and just doing okay and I started searching some stuff online. I think it was to do with medication...
  16. R

    How do I get to the point of, "So it's true. Now what?"

    'Cause sometimes when a fear might actually true, I've sometimes gotten to the point of acceptance. This time, I couldn't exactly do that, but I wish I could. BTW, we're dealing here with a fear which is probably true anyway, but about which I probably shouldn't care about this much.
  17. Foxie

    It happened, I got fired

    Posted about my job before on here, terrible things obviously. I got terminated today. They said I seemed really unhappy there, true. and my skills weren't 100% improving, true. I'm 22, and I just got fired from my first ever job after 4 months. Now I just feel like a piece of useless crap.
  18. T

    getting there

    okay i have these thoughts they vary im having violent ones now like killing and hurting and im scared because at the same time the thoughts are happening im not scared or anything i mean when i first got them i cried and was scared but now im not im scared dose this mean there true i have the...
  19. Kerome

    Love as the meaning of life

    I just came across a song text that rather shook me up. It basically said “love is the best life experience of them all... Love is the Opening Door, Love is what we came here for”. And there was a certain recognition in me that this was true. The irony is that besides the love of my parents...
  20. E

    Afraid of being bad...

    I actually need help.It is destroying my life.This days something terrible is happening to me.I am afraid I am going to become everything that I hear and I don't like.Like,I am hearing that someone stole something,(and just because I don't want to become a thief)I am trying to convince myself...