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  1. Jbb79

    Hi - - I'm down x xx

    I'm 39 Years old, don't have a family, a job or, a girl-friend x x I Feel as if my life is over, and, It's very tough, Right now . . . I have a 5-year Mandatory Meds Order, bec. I got into trouble, when I Found out Prolactin makes Testicles ( Ovaries, Too), Shrink, Over time x xx I Try to be...
  2. Jth375

    Hello Everyone

    Hey all, I’m John and I am brand new to the site. I thought I’d post a small intro and a little about myself. I am 25 years old and currently a student in the Houston area. I am also a veteran. As far as diagnoses go, I have been diagnosed with PTSD, Schizotypal Personality Disorder, General...
  3. L

    Nervous tension around most of the time

    I'm lost. Had anxiety for 3 years then started collecting labels on my road to 'recovery'- yeah right. Now have GAD, PD, PTSD, depression and possible psychosis. I'm struggling with codeine addiction to top it all off. I've taken too many diazepam in the past so now dr will give me 7 per month...
  4. S

    Feeling that I can't communicate with others

    I need help I have difficulty showing emotions weather it's good or bad communicating with my partner is troubling just can't open up from my past ,of being beat and molested when I was I child then into adult hood server beating carried on tell I was in my late 30 . Been used by my family and...
  5. K


    Hi I'm 45 years old and suffering with anxiety and panic attacks. Now in trouble at work as a result of this.
  6. P

    stressful situations

    Was in a meeting at work today with a few people and one got very defensive and aggressive and shouting. Lately I’ve been really struggling to deal with confrontation and I have to walk out. It’s too much for me. It’s the second time I’ve left a meeting because of this reason. And I’m...
  7. E

    Ideas for calming down?

    I try exercise(going for walks/runs/hikes) but it usually makes me more irritated and I feel worse. Listening to angry music helps sometimes but then people try to talk to me and then I snap or something and get in trouble. I don't get angry often, usually I am just in a state of irritability...
  8. S

    hi guys

    umm hello... this last year has been really hard for me since i gave birth to my son... im only 19 and i dont have very much help with anything at all and never have but lately i have been really struggling and i feel extremely sad i have trouble sleeping i have started eating so much more and...
  9. M

    Having trouble writing the letter "s".

    My anxiety is so bad I'm having trouble writing the letter "s". I try to write it and it takes a while and I can't explain it. I don't remember this happening before. Maybe I'm losing brain functioning? I don't know.
  10. S

    I think I might have autism, but I'm not exactly sure

    I just thought I should come here for advice. I brought this up with a doctor who told me to talk to my psychiatrist. Well I talked to her and she was a complete piece of shit about everything and didn't give me any answers. So I'm no longer seeing her. It's just that lately I've been...
  11. L

    Obsessions HELP

    I am obsessed with a person and its a really person real life.. how do i stop it before i get into trouble? please advice
  12. Angel Of Darkness

    Help Needed

    I need help from crisis team. My phone is down, all I have is the net. I am in trouble. I don't feel well.
  13. M


    I have been bullied at work. People think I am a no body but I am a somebody. I do what is right. The girl threatened to hurt me. And then lied about it. She is in big old trouble. She started the fight with me. my van driver knows she did not tell the truth
  14. S

    sertraline and sleeping

    Hi everyone. I was prescribed sertraline about 6 weeks ago and my GP increased it to 100mg just 2 weeks ago, since it was increased I have had trouble staying asleep, I have been waking up at 5am every morning. Is this normal and does anyone else have trouble with sleep? xx
  15. D

    To many evil people in my house

    There's 3 people in my house that only I can see think I need to go out but if I do I get into trouble
  16. S

    Witchcraft and fairies

    So I did something and I'm not sure if I'm in trouble or not. I'll just start from the beginning. There are many beliefs around the world when it comes to fairies (or faeries, fae folk, etc.). Some believe it's not real. Others believe that it's a type of spirit. I'm one of the people who...
  17. D

    I feel like a ghost

    at least when I was psychotic I could talk and I felt I was hospitalised for around 7 months from september to march and prescribed olanzapine, I don't think I care about anything anymore. the negative said effects have been: I feel much less intelligent, memory loss, trouble focusing...
  18. L

    I'm in trouble

    Some of you may know my dads ill and the mortgage has gone to hell and we are at serious risk of homelessness. I've spoken to MABS, to homeless charities and a myriad of other places and they wont help us as it's technically dad who's in trouble and he cannot speak to them. Got a letter today...
  19. Zardos

    Having Trouble Posting ?

    Is anybody else having trouble posting to the forum ?.. When i click the summit button it takes ages to do anything.... Then i get a warning message saying the some of my data may not have been saved.. Plus I've noticed on the forum over the last few days a number of duplicate posts... Is...
  20. S

    Problem with internal conversations

    I have noticed a growing problem as the years go by: the possible future conversations that I play out in my head have gotten more and more lengthy and detailed. Not detailed as like I choose words carefully, but detailed as in afterwards I still feel the continuous stress that conversation...