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  1. T

    Could I be a Trigger?

    Hello all. New here and could use some help. My good friend is in a psychotic state. It came upon her over a month ago. She had a couple of very stressful incidents happen to her in the span of a week and I think her already fragile mind couldn’t handle it. (She’s been fragile for over a...
  2. M

    What are other people's triggers for agoraphobia?

    Hi, I'm Mike, I've just gotten a diagnosis of anxiety disorder and agoraphobia a few weeks ago. Then I started wondering, as I'm about to start the therapy sessions, what do other people expierience? What are your triggers? Mine are large squares (not if they are crowded), travelling by train...
  3. T

    Help! Getting Over Saying Trigger-Words

    I’ve got a job interview tonight and it didn’t occur to me to think about the dress code of the job beyond unnatural hair and tattoos... but through internet research it seems that a certain trigger-object of mine may be a required part of the uniform, depending on the location and it’s manager...
  4. E

    Do you use alcohol whilst suffering from BPD?

    I’ve noticed I binge drink if I’m feeling down or if I’m on a high and I want it to last so I become quite impulsive and self destructive with things that I do. I’m just wondering if others with BPD have a problem with alcohol at all? How do you react to alcohol? Are you left feeling very...
  5. 6User_Name9

    PTSD triggers

    I wanted to share some of my PTSD triggers because I was wondering if others were as strange as mine :p . Some of the words that trigger me are: Uncle, Jason, silly (said in a certain way), mints, anything about the army, people who fix computers, anything about rape, sexual assault, or...
  6. A

    Odd triggers

    Hi Everyone, I've been living with depression pretty much all of my adult life. Sometimes I go through "happy" or "normal" periods and occasionally I have those intensely suicidal periods. But, whatever the degree, it's always there. I guess what I'm saying is that it's a long term problem that...
  7. dermild

    Triggers and Personal Responsibility [with Trigger Warning]

    WARNING: This post is about triggers, so some may be triggered by the discussion. The problem with my trigger warning is that it contained the trigger in question. Maybe that's not an issue. I could be wrong. I think that, to a large degree, we adults should take some responsibility for our...
  8. A

    Why do people look up when they talk?

    Have anybody noticed when people look up with their eyes for no reason? This could be when they talk or are in a crowd seated etc. For me they do it on purpose which triggers my schizophrenia/thought broadcasting immensely that it makes me crazy. I can't watch news or live shows now...
  9. P

    Triggers with my schizophrenia. (Whats Yours?)

    Hey its Paige, So everyone has triggers right? .. yes and some people handle the differently. With my hallucinations and voices its very tough for me to handle! For example i see this girl michelle shes one of my hallucinations and she has her mouth sown shut she can still talk but shes really...
  10. S

    Feeling alot better today guys

    :clap: Good afternoon/evening all, I joined yesterday as I was having an absolutely desperate few days and hadn't felt like that in a long time but for some unknown reason (not that it ever makes sense!) I feel fab today! It was very scary yesterday and I have only just found out about...
  11. J

    Anxiety during social situations

    I noticed this 5-6 months ago and it keeps getting worse and worse. The this is that pressure,anxiety triggers bowel movements in many people, well I'm one of them. Basically I'm constantly under pressure in social situations that I will have to go to the toilet and maybe I won't find one and...
  12. J

    Anxiety,Bowel movement phobia during social situations

    I noticed this 5-6 months ago and it keeps getting worse and worse. The this is that pressure,anxiety triggers bowel movements in many people, well I'm one of them. Basically I'm constantly under pressure in social situations that I will have to go to the toilet and maybe I won't find one and...
  13. O

    After being married 22 years this is my understanding of What love is.

    Being married 22 years I think I can explorer my heart to find out what love is and what its not. Lets toss this around, Love is not selfishness. Many a women or man has left there partner because they are so busy they don't include there partner in what there doing. Love is unselfish, I love...
  14. F

    Panic/Anxiety Attacks when watching films?!

    Hi! I'm Rebecca, I've suffered with panic and anxiety attacks for years now but in the last couple of months I've noticed a new trigger. Whenever I watch a film, violent ones specifically, I have to either turn away or walk out of the room, my heart beats at 100mph, my head hurts, I'm shaking...
  15. BorderlineDownunder

    Open Letter to MI Professionals

    1. don't LAUGH at the patients 2. rubber rooms should have paper bags so the incarcerated do not have to vomit on the floor like zoo animals 3. a cup of water should be the First Thing provided not something that has to be begged for 4. ditto simple pain relief 5. Remember where you are...
  16. C

    Can't stop crying

    My ex partner walked out of my life a little over 4 weeks ago taking my children with her and is denying me any access to them using my mental health issues as an excuse. Every single day since I have spent most of each day sobbing my heart out, I feel like I'm slowly falling to pieces inside...
  17. G


    My name is Gracie and I live in South Wales. I have weight loss problems that are triggered by stress and anxiety. Am here to allow myself the thought that I really am not on my own and these awful triggers will, at some point, become less destructive in my life. XxX
  18. AliceinWonderland


    From Counselling on Stirling: Understanding Shame
  19. confusedwanderwaffle

    I need a bit of simple advice?

    I know you have to be conscious with your words and to not be too descriptive because there phrases might trigger people so i'll try to be careful. I feel a bit silly and gross asking this but to give a little background: a while back I started getting impulses and pulling my hair out which...
  20. R

    Dealing with emotional triggers

    It's been a long time sense my "tragic event" I guess you could call it that. And even though earlier in the year I made some good progress but now sense it's the "anniversary " of when it all happened Ive been having A LOT of triggers. I do t wanna say to much about what happened because...