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  1. S

    what do you do in a crisis?

    lets say your doctor is away until next week, its 2am , everyones asleep so you don't want to call anybody and bother them, you don't think the helplines are much use, you don't want to go to A&E , and you're running out of ideas of things to do to keep yourself occupied? cant sleep either...
  2. Fairy Lucretia

    wont be coming on here again

    i might be back when I return from the clinic im too poorly to be here right now im triggering myself and others without meaning xx take care I love you ALL
  3. Shiro

    Being Triggered, Help!

    I guess to some extent I'm asking for advice, but also asking if this is "normal" with anxiety. To some extent my fiance will do things on purpose because he finds them funny even if I say "That's giving me anxiety" or "That's triggering me." Two examples from tonight: I had to walk to the...
  4. vikkisab

    triggering myself

    At the moment I have been triggering myself to sh by watching videos and photos of sh ... I used to do that and be fine but im actually hungry for it .. I want it sooo bad x
  5. Hayyyleyyy

    **TRIGGER**Enjoying self harm?

    Ive self harmed for about 7 years now, it started when I was depressed or angry I would self harm, then I stopped for a year or so, got my BPD diagnosis and ended up starting again. Now I seem to find Im triggering myself, just to I can self harm, I appear to feeling 'happy' or 'neutral' but...
  6. W


    Could be triggering. Had to go get stitches last night. *sigh* why do i have to fail so much..
  7. O


    I am in hospital and i feel like self harming. People'here are triggering. I am doing my grounding and mindfulness trying to get out for a walk
  8. M


    I got called really fat today by a five year old at my daughters playgroup and as punishment I'm going to survive on nothing but water until Tuesday. I have a pdoc appt then so prob wouldn't get away with it much longer than that. If I don't make it until then without breaking the fast I will...
  9. M

    SH feels...

    Since all my posts get deleted or flagged as triggering, let me just say it right here. This post may be triggering to those who are inclined to self harm!!! So if you are not in a position to be able to read triggering material then turn back while you still can! Ok. I'm sh-ing. It doesn't...
  10. P


    Hi. Sorry already posted a thread but thought I'd better post here too. I've tried to avoid sh forums etc tbh but too lonely. And am perfectly capable of triggering myself anyway. Hi :)
  11. Pixie37

    Just to let you all know!

    Hii all, Just here to let you all know that i am very ill. I tried to commit suicide last week and been extremely suicidal since. There was no beds on the psych wards or i would have been put back in. I have stepped down as forum buddy as my nurse says i have to focus on my own mental health...
  12. J


    Finding things very triggering tonight.
  13. M

    mixed episodes- POSS TRIGGERING

    POSS TRIGGERING After reading an article today I now know what these are and realize that I have suffered these too in the past 3 months! I was suicidal but had so much rage aswell - I was depressed and going 100 mph crazy at my ex partner on the phone!! Looking back I tend to get these...
  14. T

    flashback hell

    Argh, I havent been able to leave my house for two days because of these flashbacks. I'm feeling very jumpy which is triggering them of. Please stop :-(
  15. Colin76

    Panic attack, scared to leave the house....

    I don't know what is going on with me at the moment. The past few days i have been feeling on edge through out the day. Basically i am waking up ok but as soon as i become aware of my surroundings i start to feel anxious and have panic attacks, what for and what is triggering these feelings i...