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  1. T


    I have been suffering with anxiety and stress. I transitioned to.job. I work for the NHS and my actual job was moved over to another hospital in the same Trust. A few changes; one it's further away fm my home, my boss is a very aggressive lady and the job is a little different. She has triggered...
  2. C

    triggered by love

    anything to do with it causes an episode, sometimes ones that leads into self harm and other self destructive behaviour listening to love songs, watching tv with love scenes, seeing or hearing about other couples, friends talking about their relationships etc... all because I have intense...
  3. vanish

    Never felt more like a drink

    I am currently studying a Dip. of Community Services and the subjects we are studying at the moment surround mental health topics. It felt great to talk openly about my experiences with sza and psychosis in general. Then today we started to talk about mental health's biggie... suicide and self...
  4. N

    Suicidal thoughts

    Hi there. I have not posted in a long time but tonight I am having some bad thoughts. I'm trying not to engage with these thoughts and images but it just won't go away. I don't know what has triggered this but felt if I reached out they may go away.
  5. October

    My experience.

    I've been here once before and now I'm here again. I'll talk about the first time I ever experienced this, which was three years ago when I suffered withdrawals from my anti-depressant medication. It triggered off depersonalisation in me and I had it for roughly 3 months. During that time I...
  6. P

    do not watch

    Whatever you do if you are easily triggered don’t watch BBC threes dcoudrama “killed by my debt”. I’m not easily triggered but watching that definitely triggered something in me this week. Just warning you guys
  7. wardysaurus

    what triggered your BPD?

    So I had cancer when I was 25 and now, 8 years later, I’ve been diagnosed with C-PTSD and BPD. I’m just wondering what triggered other people’s?
  8. W

    Feeling trapped

    I suffer with binge eating disorder. I managed to loose weight following weightwatchers but I was so unhappy and binged a lot. I could not cope with it any more so stopped but the weight pilled back on. If ever I restrict food it triggers me. I need to lose weight but I do not know how without...
  9. L

    Lamest Intro Ever

    I dunno what to say really. I've been dealing with mental health issues for over half my life now (I'm only 26). Some really stupid, irrelevant, minute bs happened tonight and for some reason it really triggered me. So here I am.
  10. Iamsoconfused

    I need a break.

    I've been feeling really triggered and just feel like I'm pushing everyone away. I have been having a hard time trusting my therapist, and she just keeps things so light and casual, while I'm feeling like shit at home. I don't know how much longer I can handle going to her, if I am not even...
  11. D

    Advice for Dealing with Mom That Gets Triggered

    So basically, my clothing rack broke and then my mom got triggered. She used that to say that I bought too much clothes (which I have stopped doing after I went to therapy and got out of depression) and then she said that I'm in limbo for getting my bachelor's degree (now I'm currently finishing...
  12. S

    Been doing everything thing I should then start to crack

    Great. Quit drinking. Changed to a more effective med. And still just one thing can start sending me paranoid and stressed. Well I know what triggered me and my symptoms were not severe but it shows me that I can be triggered even if I don't drink. Kind of wondering what the hell to do...
  13. T

    New relationship & borderline personality

    I am in a new relationship of 6 months. I was diagnosed with BPD a few years ago & I am receiving regular therapy treatment. I was very honest with my new partner about my diagnosis when we first met. Over the past few weeks, I have been triggered by comments that have reminded me of my past...
  14. T

    Hello :)

    I'm new here. I'm struggling with severe anxiety and panic attacks at the minute, and have suffered with depression in the past. I had a career change last year which I think may have triggered it a little. I'm really finding it tough to cope lately and could just do with some like-minded...
  15. kyarahope

    Being triggered BPD

    I was wondering if anyone else had experienced any similar to this, and if so how do you deal with it. I recently starting watching My mad fat diary, which is a series about a teenager with mental health issues, which I see as similar to BPD and depression. I really enjoyed watching this...
  16. S

    Just been for my depot

    Got the talk on what you would rather be, delusional or on meds. Wish they gave you that choice in the hospital before they force medication down your throat. Mentioned that I went 4 years once without meds and they said yes but you relapsed. My reply was yes but I triggered that relapse by...
  17. C

    Have sudeenyl developed urge to self harm

    I am a new member and am really scared right now. I have developed a sudden urge to self harm in a specific way, which I am in no doubt is a response to extreme mental stress and pressure. It was triggered by attending legal conference last week as preparation for testifying in court. The...
  18. katya

    **101 Alternatives to Suicide - Kate Bernstein..**TRIGGRER WARNING**

    https://youtu.be/UnWlP0INv5c?t=7m48s TW: suicide, self harm. Hope this is in the right place (I've been away for a while...). Kate Bornstein is an elder of the LGBTIAQ+ community and has some great words about when you're feeling that life isn't worth living anymore, about when you feel...
  19. M

    Being triggered by the news

    If ever I hear a sad story about animals or babies in the news it causes me to become depressed and think about self harm. I know this is so strange and not normal but I do not know how to deal with it. For three days I have been triggered by a story and today I was doing okay but heard another...
  20. B

    Addicted - shaking- self harm withdrawal.

    I was self harm free for 20 months and unfortunately have fallen back into it again- not as severely but the regularity is daily. I thought if I didnt do it today it would be easier not to do it tomorrow - only thing is tho I'm shaking like mad and convinced it's because I've gone to bed...