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  1. C

    My granma is my bully.....

    The title says it all. but let me elaborate more. i have several mental health problems, including aspergers, autism, epilepsy, anxiety, stress, insomnia, ADD..... the list goes on... but in recent years ive been finding im getting 'triggered' by my grandma and i loose control of the situation...
  2. J

    Anxiety on long journeys

    Hi all, this is my first post, so thanks for taking the time to read. I’ve been suffering with anxiety and panic attacks for all my adult life, 20+ years. I’ve had therapy and CBT in the past, but its never really helped. My main trigger for anxiety/panic is when I’m presented with (or know...
  3. Celaena97

    I think someone is triggering me, and I don't know that to do

    (Please bear with me, English isn't my first language so I'm so, so sorry if I make any mistake) I've been dealing with social anxiety from a couple of years now (I was 14, now I'm 21), for the most part I can control it as long as nobody pushes me to do things unexpectedly, just give me some...
  4. K


    I would've never thought my son would be involved in a crime that will give him 20to 30years. All I keep thinking about.. I was'nt a good parent.I would do anything for my son, but the choices he made in his life is tearing me apart. There's so much going on in my head I feel sick and my whole...
  5. R

    Why I Don't

    I attempted to commit suicide by several means. I wanted to. I know I wanted to. Why am I still here? My reasons, are usually I have a job to do tomorrow, I don't want to let them down. Sorry to say it's not my Mom will be sad or my Dad will be devastated. No it's I have a job scheduled for...
  6. M

    Mind splurge about suicide - triggering

    Suicide. Suicidal thoughts. They are words you hear so much when dealing with depression, anxiety or pretty much any mental health issue. Every time you google something you’re feeling just so you can try to feel less alone. Almost every time you have to go to speak to your...
  7. K

    Red Bull

    Can energy drinks trigger hypomania?
  8. A


    I've found that my voices are the worst whenever I'm eating. I might be slightly neurotic about eating and thus this happens, but I was wondering if anybody else gets this too. Is eating a big voices trigger for anyone, and if so, how do you deal with it?
  9. 1

    13 Reasons Why trigger?

    Hi all, im new to this and was wondering if anyone else felt similar after watching 13 reasons why? I think I used to be depressed, for various reasons, and tried to kill myself one time and ended up spending a while in hospital after ODing one evening. But since then, I put myself into...
  10. B

    Am I experiencing ptsd?

    I've had a lot of abuse: mental, physical, and sexual. Sometimes interaction with my mother will trigger me and everything comes rushing back. I always thought I was crazy and wonder why she doesn't care or understand and I get angry that people make assumptions that I have a great life...
  11. P

    Suggest me medicine.

    I can't see a psychiatrist because it's too costly for my family. I haven't been diagnosed so I don't know what meds I should take. But it doesn't take Einstein to know Im depressed. Ive been shutting myself up in my home for two years now. I took a break from school because I just can't face...
  12. dermild

    Triggers and Personal Responsibility [with Trigger Warning]

    WARNING: This post is about triggers, so some may be triggered by the discussion. The problem with my trigger warning is that it contained the trigger in question. Maybe that's not an issue. I could be wrong. I think that, to a large degree, we adults should take some responsibility for our...
  13. valleygirl

    ED Trigger At Work

    So one of my co-workers at my new job looks like she might be anorexic. She looks completely emaciated, and I am worried this might become a trigger for me, as I also struggle with eating issues.
  14. E

    Depression triggers/body dysmorphia

    Hi, I'm Suzanne and I'm 21. My Dad passed away 5 months ago and I posted in this forum in January talking about my emotional fragility from the death :( and I was so grateful for the responses and advice. Emotionally and mentally I improved so much the past few months where I reached a constant...
  15. M

    Is this more serious than I may think?

    [LONG ALERT Oh man :low: - I apologize ahead of time and appreciate the patience for those who have it to go through this anyway] I'm currently 23, generally fairly content; the following doesn't exactly impact my life to a degree that would be significantly notable to others and has been going...
  16. S

    Everything is triggering my obsessions...

    I had done well for years by avoiding my main obsessive triggers (the news, political talk, crime shows) but over the last 3 months EVERYTHING seems to be a trigger. The first obsessive episode after years in remission was trigger by a coworker asking me if I knew what Buddhists believe about a...
  17. E


    How can you talk about how you feel and what ya thinking about. If you can't use words that trigger some one. I can't talk about things if ya cant say. Because I really don't want to trigger any one. So frustrating. :unsure:
  18. A

    Was I ever ok?

    It seems like a long time since my mental health became the topic of everything in my mind. I've been trying to look back at my life and see if there was a starting point, to see if it has always been this way, to try to remember how things used to feel and how I used to think. Having been...
  19. Poopy Doll

    Kicked out of another internet support group

    I got kicked out of another internet support group for merely questioning their rules. I thought it was ridiculous to have to put "trigger warning" on nearly everything before posting. Someone was talking about divorce, and it required a trigger warning. I said they were over protecting people...
  20. W

    Identifying BPD triggers (new to this)

    I've recently been diagnosed with BPD/other personality disorders mixed and it was a huge relief to find out what is wrong with me so I can take steps towards getting better. Helps to know what is going on. I'm very insightful TOO insightful I'm told lol. The biggest "trigger" for me seems to be...