trigger warning

  1. Luci

    Private chat support?

    I need to talk about something but it is too private for a public post. I don't want to talk to my care team as I have not disclosed this yet. I just want advice and to talk it through with someone who can maybe relate...?
  2. J

    Scared to relapse/fall off track.

    Hey all. I struggled with anorexia and orthorexia all throughout high school, then in college a bit, but then last summer I actually became bulimic after a trip to Europe with a lot of food. Since then, I'd seen a nutritionist, she gave me a plan, but it was just way more food than I was used to...
  3. A

    just want to share this

    hi I just want to speak up about one night, there is just nobody I can speak to about it. I was invited to a party. something bad happened there (no violence or stuff like that involved, it was just utterly unbearable emotionally). I was so miserable I couldn't control my body. I started to...
  4. W

    I Need Some Advice ASAP

    !!TRIGGER WARNING!! I’m going to try and make this as short and sweet as I can. I’m in my late teens, I’ve been in therapy since I was 8. I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and ptsd from a young age. I’ve seen many different therapist, psychiatrist, been on many different medications...
  5. K

    Is this anxiety/ocd? Or am I literally horrible?

    I’ve had harm thoughts for a few months. Self harm and harm of others (mostly my poor cat and mom) a lot of fears that I’ll act on these things, that they’re subconscious desires/that they indicate something about me. I was doing sort of okay “dropping” the thoughts, as I just returned home from...
  6. T

    I'm going crazy and I don't know what to do anymore

    I don't know why I put "going" in the title. I've always been crazy. I've been delusional and paranoid for as long as I can remember. I'm absolutely horrified of making friends, for a few reasons. I think that they're only friends with me because they feel bad and are trying to "fix" me (it's...