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  1. I

    anyone else ask these questions?

    Ok so I guess I’m reaching out here, I need to know if these are the questions that run through anyone else’s head or if I’m alone. How aware are you if your place in the world? How much time a day do you spend thinking about it ? Is this a cave man thing wondering where I am in the human...
  2. shaky

    Do you have a tribe?

    A lot of people fit into a group or a tribe. They meet with people who share a similar activity or outlook on life. I never seem to be able to find mine. I think I am too weird. A weirdo. Everytime I think I've found my tribe it turns out that I'm weirder than any of them and I feel like an...
  3. Tribe

    hi from us

    hi our name is Tribe our host has DID /MPD we hope it is ok for us to post here our host Ella is marryed dont work and ias ill a lot she has depresstion PTSD and DID and other mental health issues there are many of us we are littles tweens teens adults and non human Tribe