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  1. N

    Hello There!

    Hey everyone! My name is Nisa and I have been struggling with mental illness for most of my life but recently with schizoaffective disorder a few weeks ago. I hope I get along well with everyone here and make some new friends. Even though I am new to the whole recovery/ treatment process I'm...
  2. Kerome

    Basal Exposure Therapy in Norway

    I came across this this morning and I found it very interesting because it’s a treatment where they take you off medications if you want to come off and they teach you to come to terms with your base existential fears. It takes about six months as an inpatient at an inpatient ward for psychotic...
  3. C

    Not sure what to do..

    First the backstory- A friend of mine has been dealing with an undiagnosed illness. (this may have changed but I doubt it as they have been adamant about not wanting to see a doctor of any kind.) Last year, they believed that there were cameras and other recording devices in their apartment...
  4. J

    Lying in records

    Hi everyone, the nurses and doctors have written lies if delusions I've had when I've never had them. They say I think people are controlling my mind when I've never experienced that. They said 3 other delusions I've had which I've never had and never told them. I'm scared it will effect my...
  5. J

    Compulsory treatment

    Hi everyone, I am under section 3 in hospital but can they force me to have treatment? I'm on clozapine and hate the side effects but the doctor is unwilling to listen. Am I forced to take it? Also they want to put me on a community treatment order but does that mean if I refuse medication I can...
  6. D

    I need HELP

    Hi all, I'd like to keep this post short and straight-forward. Don't want to talk about the past, so this is about my current situation. I've completely lost control over my life, I'm not doing anything at all, on bed all day. The medication is not working, therapy is not working. I just...
  7. speckles

    Lost in the system vs Lost outside of the system

    I haven't posted here for a number of years but posted regularly for a while. I have fought and tried so hard but have failed. I have been in hospital now for 4 1/2 years, I did well the first two years but then the team changed and they didn't want to work with complex patients and my...
  8. H

    Shoul I go back to treatment?

    I don't really know why I am even asking I was pretty determined to discontinue treatment. I suppose a bit of background is in order. I started suffering from delusions a while back. The ideas of reference type. Initially I was diagnosed with depression with psychotic tendencies, then later...
  9. H

    Never saw it comming

    Well ive been dealing with psychosis for about 4-5 years now. Came in the form of ideas of reference mainly associated with music and TV. I think I had a few auditory hallucinations as well. Diagnoses as of now, all though they keep changing it, is bi-polar schizo effective. Finnally after...
  10. W

    my son's battle with ocd and depression

    Hi my first time on a forum so bit nervous. Our 17 year old son has been diagnosed with severe ocd and they are using words like psychosis. Only just started meds and waiting for treatment plan. He is so sad every day and now can't be left alone. Please any advice on coping and helping him...
  11. C

    Is cognitive behavior therapy good for depression?

    My life events led me to depression. A series of unsuccessful events happened in my life. I couldn't find a job as I wish. I have attended several interviews but I failed. At that time some financial problems hit my family. We were too much worried about the situation. Nothing worked...
  12. Kas73829

    Treatment for social anxiety?

    I've been really depressed for while and it's mainly because i couldn't be more lonely. I might have asp/social anxiety that is causing a lot of problems. I can't do anything to help myself and I've been trying to do something for months now. I went to the nearest nhs campus and asked about...
  13. D

    Advice Needed For A Partner of BPD/EUPD and PTSD

    Hi all my partner who I love very much suffers from BPD. On her best days she is amazing, but when she is in an episode it can be hard and I hate seeing her like it. I know she desperately doesn't want to be like it and she has tried everything she can, which is mainly what the NHS can offer...
  14. D

    Partner getting treatment for her ED...

    This is going to be quite lengthy, and for that I apologise. Some background first: I'm 27. My partner, L, is 23. We both work. Don't currently live together but have our own places, and most evenings are spent together. L and I got together about 7 months ago. At the start, she was open...
  15. A

    No Treatment for Mental Health in UK

    Hi all, I have suffered from mental health all my life, never had friends or any relationships. I have no understanding of either. I am 42 now, 7 years ago I attempted to end my life, I would of succeeded if the NHS had not interfered. I spent to months In hospital recovering from my wounds. I...
  16. J

    Silent Treatment

    Hi, I am trying to get a better understanding of BPD so I can support a friend. He is giving me the silent treatment now. I believe it is because I asked him (in as kind of a way as I could think of) what he thought about our relationship. He is quiet borderline and I’m not sure if I was a FP or...
  17. S

    Should I Still Seek Help?

    I made a doctors appointment back in November with the hopes of talking to my doctor about my general depression and anxiety which has been off and on for years now. It was particularly bad this summer + September where my social anxiety prevented me from leaving the house sometimes and I was...
  18. J

    I feel like a fake

    About two months ago I confessed to a doctor that I was planning to kill myself. I got sent to the hospital and advised to become a voluntary inpatient at a psych hospital, which I did. A week later I was discharged and put into day services. I'm attending services and trying to follow...
  19. F

    Psychosis treatment failure more common in patients with ASD

    Posted by Jessica Martin December 15 2017 Psychosis Treatment Failure More Common in Patients With ASD I wonder whether this also applies to adults.
  20. Iamsoconfused

    Wondering about cyclothymia

    I was wondering if cycylothymia can have major depression episodes? I've had very long depressions which I couldn't function, but I'd refused treatment. Just cause I wasn't taking it seriously enough at the time.