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    Have you ever tried EFT?

    EFT is tapping solution to release our pain, stress, or mental issue. I find this technique from a book. Have you ever tried? Do you think it can work for you when you needed help the most but nobody is there for you?
  2. M

    Lack of sleep = Fatigue?

    I've received treatment twice for fatigue. However, I'm still fatigued. Does lack of sleep equal fatigue?
  3. A

    is this considered emotional abuse? also, unwanted/intrusive memories?

    i'm going to try and keep this short. i have anxiety and and eating disorder. i'm in treatment and so we've been digging deep in our pasts and stuff to try and see why we are the way we are, so we can get proper help. i feel like this wouldnt be considered emotional abuse bc it just seems like...
  4. Prismere

    Question About Treatment, Sort Of

    Would any of you trust a physician assistant to prescribe you meds? I was in a partial hospitalization program and the psychiatrist there prescribed me Seroquel. Now that I'm out I was set up to see a physician assistant to continue my medication treatment but I really do not trust them treating...
  5. J

    Stimulants for Treatment Resistant Depression in the UK

    Hi, Has anyone in the UK here ever been prescribed a stimulant, such as Ritalin, or Dexedrine, to counter their treatment resistant depression? I have been through all sorts of treatments over the years, with little effect. I am thinking of asking for this. Regards Jeremy
  6. E

    Hello, feeling very low & hopeless

    New to forum & feels daunting to type anything. I have life-long depression, anxiety and PTSD-partly due to a troubled childhood & suffering violent & verbal abuse at the hands of my parents. At this moment I feel despair & great loneliness. I am on anti-depressants & have had therapy various...
  7. P

    Any cure for treatment resistant depression

    I have been treated for major depression and anxiety amongst other mental health problems. I have been told by nearly every mental health department/worker that I have treatment resistant depression but have either had different medication or told by one psychiatrist—who everyone tries to...
  8. Bizzarebitrary

    Hello! Making introductions is awkward but I'm pleased to be here.

    Greetings to all from Northern California, or the darkest portion of it which happens to be wherever I'm sitting at the time. :low: From the Mental Illness Buffet, I've been served a generous helping of Major Depressive Disorder smothered in Treatment Refractory gravy, several large sides of...
  9. T

    Community Treatment Orders (Forced Psychiaty)

    A CTO is a legal mechanism designed to ensure treatment compliance. A CTO orders a person to take long acting injections against the patient's will. If the patient does not comply with the CTO conditions, the psychiatrist can write an apprehension order for the police to convey the patient to a...
  10. J

    Anyone Try Ketamine?

    I have been struggling with depression for many years. I have taken meds in the past, most of which have stopped working, or have bad side effects. I was wondering if anyone here has tried ketamine? It is supposed to be a new treatment that works quite quickly, for those with treatment...
  11. S

    BED - Managing the gap between diagnosis and treatment

    Hi, all. After a long period of trial/denial/fear, I spoke with my GP on Thursday and he agrees that I am deep into BED territory. I have a fasting blood test on Wednesday of next week with an appointment the Wednesday after for the results so we can eliminate any underlying conditions or...
  12. S

    Is this normally how counselors act?

    I have had counselling and it didn't work out very well as she was rude, impatient and her 3 phones where constantly ringing and she was looking at them and kept losing her patience when I needed her to explain something. Then when I explained how my problems were starting to impact my work life...
  13. J

    What’s the best treatment for generalised anxiety disorder

    I have decided to finally do something about my anxiety !! I don’t know where to start,I have all the symptoms of generalised anxiety disorder. Does anyone have any treatment advice ? Anything would be helpful. Thanks
  14. M


    I had this treatment back in the 70s. The whole experience including hospitalisation did make me ill and I never properly recovered. Now I have the idea that having the same treatment now may reverse things or maybe even hide the memories of that time which are causing a lot of problems for me...
  15. J


    Has anyone tried and had success with Brain Working Recursive Therapy in treating Generalised Anxiety Disorder?
  16. B

    Confused 😕

    Firstly hello Am new to the forum. My son has been recently diagnosed with first episode psychosis. He has been given olanzapine but I have been told this isn't working. He will be given risperidone. Is this common? The words treatment resistant has been used but we have been told it is early days.
  17. R

    Planning to go off SSRI meds. Lets discuss.

    Hey folks, I actually came to the forums for just this issue. I have been taking Citalopram (Celexa), 20mg a day for almost 6 years now. About 8 months ago, I changed physicians and expressed to new doc that I was interested in stopping the treatment. That doctor recommended an increase to 40mg...
  18. T

    Is Conversion Disorder a non-falsifiable theory?

    I have a list of debilitating and painful symptoms that have come on progressively over more than 30 years. Between them I would say they have ruined my life, as each form of purpose and pleasure I could get from life has been progressively wrecked by them. Career, any hope of a love-life, and...
  19. S

    Afraid to go to Doctor for Treatment of Self-inflicted Injury

    Hello, I have a self-inflicted wound that is not healing even though it has been over 3 weeks. I am afraid that it might be infected, but I am afraid to go to the local walk-in clinic/ urgent care for treatment because it is obviously self-inflicted and is in close proximity to many other...
  20. I

    really bad week😢

    Hi I'm having the worst week ever just been dentist first appointment to be told I will need 300 pounds of treatment and I couldn't do xray properly feel so ashamed 😢