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  1. C


    I would like to introduce myself I am Clattnow on here. I reside with my husband in a little cottage in Scotland. We love hill walking, flat walking, growing cornflowers and seeds in our cottage garden. We like reading books by Ian Rankin, also animal stories like a Street Cat Called Bob...
  2. H

    Is there something going on or am I just lazy?

    Hello all. Sometimes I wonder if there is actually something going on with me, mentally. I seem to have all kinds of little problems but have in all these years never received a diagnosis. All I know is that I have anxiety, and might still have some sort of trauma (due to domestic violence)...
  3. Chris Walken

    Staying Fit While We're .....

    F**ked, in the head, basically :redface: What ye reckon ....? Ye know what it's like. Ye get PTSD. Ye whole existence gets sucked into ye own head. Ye end up in a corner, wishing everything outside ye corner would leave ye the f**k alone. Did ye know that Rabies ~ of all things ~ is also...
  4. deadchick07

    treadmill *TRIGGER***

    I feel like im on a friggin treadmill, day after day doing the same thing over and over nothing changing no one listening only thing that changers are the kids getting older i feel like a fucking ornament like i dont count no one in my house gives a shit how hard i had to work to get the money...
  5. J


    been up and down lately , self harmed by burning ,slight relief, had ct scan for lump on chest which seems to be getting a lot bigger ,see what happens, was talking to women in waiting area having checkups to see if she is clear of cancer, three years later, hope she is fine ,seemed a very nice...