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  1. Funnyday

    Travel insurance

    I'm due to jet off in June with my Son and Brother on holiday to Tenerife. I'm searching for travel insurance and the cheapest for the week away is the Co Op at £378 for the three of us. Can you suggest someone that is better value?
  2. E

    Travel Anxiety

    Hello! I am wondering if anyone else suffers from travel anxiety? I am normally fine in cars if there’s not many people in them. But as soon as I’m on a bus or train and especially boats I get horrible anxiety, I feel sick and my chest goes tight. No matter how many times I force myself into...
  3. S

    Asked to travel for esa assesment

    :panic: I filled out esa form stating I cant travel due to panic attacks severe social anxiety and depression everything I wrote was ignored the bastards at the dwp said I must travel to Glasgow or risk losing benefits :eek2:i am devastated just want to curl up in my bed and die in my sleep
  4. K

    I've been feeling down lately and need to change my life.

    Hi everyone, This is my first post. basically i'm hating my life right now. I've been for the past 2 years, well i don't hate life I just want a better life. I guess most of us feel this but i m struggling to stay optimistic. My dream is to save money so I can travel & start a travel blog. but...
  5. K

    Trying to identify the problem.

    Until maybe ten years ago my wife was a happy, go anywhere, life and soul of the party type of girl - but slowly things have changed and I am trying to understand what is going on and how to overcome the problem. Background information - we are in our early seventies, children grown up and...
  6. J


    I was having treatment stopped and went travelling now I want to get a job and company want a fit to work paper. I feel great but is it a long process to get this what will be said by my doctors for leaving treatment early to travel? What will happen to me?
  7. Fairy Lucretia


    im so scared we took her out this morning and she was fine then she was fine this afternoon when she went out i went back to bed for a bit and she was holding her paw funny when i woke up the vet said to try take her but it will be so expensive as they have closed and she won't travel in a taxi...
  8. N

    Anxiety and Volunteering - & stress

    HI All, After having a very bad lack of sleep overnighter, and I was anxious about things today, and feeling stressed out slightly, I was very anxious overnight, reliving over the days non volunteering events, what should have happened on time, hadn't, and the fact they were window envelopes...
  9. N


    Hi all, Where I had often thought that all the time, I had anxiety conditions flaring up, now for a couple days, and nights overall, I have been fine, very well, it occurrs to me, that due to I had a dental in the wars situation, on my upper set, that, in turn had pulled me right down, not a...
  10. N

    Pregblin - G.A.D. - Travel Anxiety?

    Hi everyone, I have read somewhere in the Anxiety forums, about Pregblin, for G.A.D. now I was wondering if anybody might know the answer, and before my GP appointment on Friday, would Pregblin, be more suitable for me for Travel Anxiety - as I have problems with Lorezapam, making me very...
  11. myownveryone

    ESA Reveiw in the morning, Anxious.

    It's at 10am which means I need to be up, ready and in the bus by 9. This is bullshit. They know I find mornings very difficult and that I have a toddler. I have to be on a bus for an hour at one of the busiest time of the day. Not to mention the very face that I have to go and prove myself to...
  12. B

    Separation Anxiety, Help needed.

    Hi all, i am hoping to find information about ways to cope with separation anxiety. I myself do not suffer from any mental health conditions, I am actually here trying to find information that can help me help my girlfriend. recently i have been offered the best travel scholarship to go diving...
  13. cpuusage

    Understanding the Merkabah and Inter-Dimensional Travel

    Understanding the Merkabah and Inter-Dimensional Travel - Waking Times
  14. M

    £458 travel insurance cover for one weeks holiday

    It takes the piss. I'm going to Italy next month and because I have schizoaffective disorder I have to pay stupid amounts just for a much needed holiday and thats with a specialist provider. And on top my social worker said that it shows I lack capacity thinking about going without it and that...
  15. I

    Too ill to travel. Need advice.

    I due to travel to Grease with my sister in a couple of months, I'm think I'm going to get sectioned today again, would it be possible to put my sisters friends on my ticket like swop it over? Its with thomas cooke....
  16. Lincoln1990

    I'm up and I'm not happy

    Just what the title says: it's 6:07 am here. I have to travel today. Kind of scared
  17. C

    I probably

    wont be able to carry this through. I only got out of jail/hospital yesterday afternoon. My time in hospital was a joke - but I would happily travel up there again and check in with my fellow patients
  18. T


    I feel myself slipping. Ive been trying to plug along and get things accomplished. It'd doesnt help that this is always a busy and stressful time of year. But add to the normal busy things the fact that I'm having legal issues (that seriously I have nothing to do with besides my name being on...
  19. B

    concessionary/disabled travel pass

    Has anyone been turned down for a free bus pass?
  20. Y

    My teeth are killing me....

    About 12 of my teeth have dissolved right down to the gum... And my nearest dentist is 20 miles away :( And I would have to travel via bus... Constant throbbing pain right down my left jaw...