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  1. Crystalized

    I screwed up

    I said I'd kill myself to my boyfriend over the phone (I meant it) and I've reminded of his trauma he had with his exBPDgf. I was severely triggered... and I screwed up... now I can't take it back, my words... I hate myself so much. I feel like a total waste of space, I am so ashamed and...
  2. C

    Coping With Flashbacks

    Ideas for coping with flashbacks Tell yourself you are having a flashback and that it is ok and very normal in people who were traumatised as children (or as adults). Remind yourself that the worst is over – it happened in the past, but it is not happening now. The “child” inside you who...
  3. shaky

    Books featuring MH reviewed

    Alice and the Fly by James Rice has a schizophrenic protagonist with lots of phobias. Alice and the Fly by James Rice review Neverhome by Laird Hunt - (fiction) a woman dresses as a man and joins the Unionist army in the American Civil war. She becomes a strong and successful soldier, but over...
  4. Silver

    Dissociated escapism daydreaming

    Below is something i read today. I have noticed i have been escaping into fantasy land a lot lately and that i am partially dissociated whilst doing so. It is happening more and more. It's taking over my mind. It is the reason i came on this forum. I have bipolar disorder but have this problem...
  5. greebobeebo

    Too many questions about MND

    I'm not close to my Mum I want to ask questions, I want to see her more, but I can't. We are all supposed to be positive and up beat. We are all supposed to get on with our lives. How do I do that when I know how life limiting Motor Neurone Disease is. Yes she might live for years, but the...
  6. A

    PTSD - Traumatised child/Coping adult

    Anyone else have trouble integrated a traumatised child self with a coping adult self? The traumatised child broke through her shell 14 months ago after a panic attack; she seems to be looking at me as a coping adult with accusations of leaving her behind, she's also bewildered about where she...